“I love you too,” said Candace and Marisa together
before running out.


Grant and John returned from their trip thrilled and
happy. They’d seen barracuda, nurse sharks, a large
sting ray, and numerous tropical fish. They were already
talking about coming back next year and doing it again.
Candace told them that Marisa and she had just as much
fun without them and the guys were delighted that the
two women were getting along so well and openly endorsed
them having girls only weekends. The five friends went
out to dinner in Key West and splurged on an expensive
seafood dinner. Grant and John paid Flex’s tab to thank
him for such a fun day.

Later, they group sat around a pit fire between their
trailers and laughed and talked. They drank, but none of
them overindulged as tomorrow’s drive home would be a
long day.

The next morning while they were loading their cars, the
landlord pulled up followed by another car. Flex watched
with interest as three women got out of the car. They
were blondes and appeared to be a mother and twin
daughters. “Sorry, don’t mean to rush ya,” said the
landlord. He was an aging Key West hippie with long gray
hair pulled back in a ponytail, thin, tattooed, and very
tan. “My guests got an earlier flight to avoid the
blizzard about to hit the Midwest.” He turned to the
mother. “I trust this will be satisfactory?”

The mother looked around. “You betcha,” she said with a
Minnesota twang.

“Let’s go check out the beach,” said one of the girls.

“Okay, let’s do it,” said the mom.

“I’ll get the linens changed while you’re gone,” said
the landlord. He took the keys from John and Grant,
handing one set to the mom and another to the twins. The
three women ran to the trailers.

Flex fingered his keys and watched the women go. He
glanced at the newcomers’ car. It was a rental, probably
from Miami International. They had some brochures on the
dash, coral castle, theater of the sea on Islamorada,
and the Miami Metro zoo. “No husband?” he asked.

The hippie paused as he gathered some fresh bed sheets
from the back of his car. “She said something about her
husband being stationed overseas.”

The twins reemerged quickly and Flex’s eyes zoomed in on
them. They looked eighteen, both with long blonde hair
and blue eyes. They didn’t appear to be identical, but
were close enough that strangers wouldn’t be able to
tell them apart. The girls were wearing modest bikinis
that they both filled out impressively. Their tits were
as big as Marisa’s and bounced when the two girls locked
arms and jumped up and down excitedly. They were the
kind of pale white he loved.

Both girls were as pale as Marisa, but it was a winter
pale and they would probably have nice tans by the end
of their week. His mind raced. High school seniors.
Stunning. Popular. Probably cheerleaders. Probably
dating the two most popular boys in school, football
players. Only fucked their boyfriends or maybe one other
guy before them. They plan on being together with their
boyfriends forever, but the girls will dump them when
they move on to college and encounter other boys. Number
of niggas in their high school? Slim to none. They
needed some integration immediately and then come
college, they’d seek out some black cock to satisfy