“It was just something I ate.”

Marisa looked at the blonde. “Let me show you where
everything is.” Marisa led Candace over to the trailer.
“Jack’s still asleep, but we should probably wake him so
that he isn’t awake all night.” They entered the trailer
and Marisa closed the door. “I’m sorry you had to see
that,” she whispered to the blonde.

“Sorry you got caught you mean,” hissed Candace.

“Please, it’s not what you think.”

“I think you’re an adulterous slut fucking a black man.”

Marisa winced. It was exactly what she thought. “You’re
right. I’m sorry it happened, but it did.”

“How did it happen? How long has this been going on?”

“Just since yesterday.” Marisa did a quick recap of her
agreeing to giving Flex a hand job and how he’d kissed
up her body and entered her before she knew what was
happening. She left out the second time Flex had taken
her doggy style.

“You forgot how he sodomized you last night,” said
Candace, sneering at her.

“You heard that?”

“I stepped outside for a minute. I didn’t know it was
you until now. Jesus Isa, you’re going to hell for what
you’ve done. I don’t know how you took that monster in
your vagina let alone your rear end.”

“He has a very dominant personality. You do what he
tells you.”

“Well you’ve done what he’s told you multiple times now,
so it must be pretty good.”

“You have no idea. The man can fuck for hours.”

Candace’s eyes widened. “Hours?”

“I couldn’t tell you how many orgasms I’ve had the last
two days. So many I lost count. More this weekend than
I’ve had during my entire marriage or life for that

Candace’s eyes stayed wide while her mouth fell open.
“That many?” Her mind picture the image she’d seen
earlier of Flex’s rampant cock springing up from
Marisa’s pussy, sperm flying from the swollen head as he
marked the pale red head with his seed. She felt her own
nipples hardening as she remembered all the stories
about Flex’s prowess that Lola had told her during their
previous vacations. Marisa may have been a cheating
slut, but a part of her envied the woman.

“Please Candy, let’s just keep this our secret.”

Candace turned her nose upwards. “I’m not sure I can.
Grant and I tell each other everything.”

“Please not this.”

“I’ll think about it.” Candace leaned down and picked up
Jack. He woke and gurgled, smiling when he saw his mom
standing nearby.

“Don’t do it for me do it for him.”

“If I tell Grant, I will be doing it for him.” Candace
cradled Jack in her arms.

Marisa’s eyes narrowed as Candace carried Jack outside.
The blonde was always snooty and she was enjoying
looking down on Marisa from her moral pedestal. She
followed Candace back to the table. “Let’s go,” she said
to John.