Mom came out of her trailer and Flex’s cock extended an
inch. She was more demure then her daughters, not
willing to walk around in just a bikini, she had an open
men’s button down shirt over her bikini. The mom was
probably forty, but looked younger. Her blonde hair had
some faded patches, gray that blended in with her
natural color. She threw her head back up to the sun,
her shirt fell open. Her bosom was huge, larger then
Marisa’s, EE’s he guessed. Her bikini top was actually
quite modest, but she had so much tit flesh, it looked
small. The outlines of large areola were visible through
the bikini top.

Those udders probably would have sagged down, but for
the tight bikini top. He forced himself to lower his
gaze from her swollen white tits and took in her torso.
The woman was very fit. With her back arched, he could
make out her abdominals and some musculature. Her belly
was as flat as her daughters and there wasn’t even a
slight bulge under her navel. She put her arms up in her
hair, enjoying the warm sun.

There wasn’t even any loose skin hanging off her arms.
Her legs were long, fit, and well toned. Other than her
breasts, the only extra fat on her was in the plump ass,
he’d seen as she walked to her cabin. Perfect for
grabbing on to when he pulled her back into his
thrusting cock.

His mind analyzed her just as it had her daughters. When
it came to sizing up women, his brain worked like a
regular Sherlock Holmes. Married young, probably high
school boyfriend. He took her virginity and was the only
man she’s ever been with. She’s lonely, frustrated. She
peaked sexually and hubby hasn’t been around to take
care of her needs. Takes out her sexual frustrations
with exercise. Probably has a vibrator in her nightstand
drawer and uses it once or twice a week, crying and
thinking about her husband as she fucks herself with it.

There was a store in Miami called the BBC LOVERS
BOUTIQUE. He’d buy her a foot long black dildo to
replace the little one in her drawer. It wouldn’t
satisfy her any longer once Flex got his cock in her and
he would get his cock in her.

“I have a shoot in Miami in five days,” said Flex,
watching the three newcomers head down the path to the
beach. “I was gonna get a room in Miami and hang out in
the city, but now…” He turned to the hippie. “Is my
cabin available if I extend my stay a week?”

“Sure is,” said the hippie.

“Let’s do it then,” said Flex with a grin still watching
the three blondes walk down the beach trail.

“Which one, mother or one of the daughters?” asked John.

“Yes,” replied Flex.

“Let’s get going,” said Grant. “Good luck Flex. Not
going to get far with that lot. Mom’s married and the
girls are too young.”