Candace snorted beside her husband. He glanced at her,
but she just pretended her nose was itching. She glanced
at Marisa and the two shared a knowing grin. Neither
woman doubted that he would have banged all three by the
end of the week. The twins would probably be his next

They all said their goodbyes. John and Grant shook each
other’s and Flex’s hand. Candace hugged Flex as did
Marisa. Marisa had come a long way from the woman who
hadn’t wanted to even touch his black skin a few days
ago. Now she didn’t want to let go. Now she wanted him
to lift her in his arms and lower her over his stiff
cock. “Here, use this,” she whispered handing him the
Iron Man magazine with Flex on the cover, showing the
huge bulge in his crotch. “Leave it on the picnic table
for them to find. Put ideas in their heads.” She winked
up at him.

“Marisa, you are a delight,” he told her, kissing her on
the forehead and then quickly on the lips as the others
got into their cars.

Marisa climbed in next to John and they drove off.
“Promise me you’ll wear that for some of the guys back
home,” said John, looking over at her. His friends knew
she had big tits, but they also falsely believed she was

Marisa laughed. She was keeping her promise to him to
show off some more of her body. She wore short shorts to
show off her legs and a belly baring halter top.
Sunlight through the car window made her emerald
piercing glisten. “I promise,” she replied, picturing
his friends ogling her, but then her thoughts turned to
a certain black lawyer she worked with. “I might even do
better than that.”

“Holy shit,” said John as his wife yanked the halter off
over her head. She then opened the clasp on her bra and
removed it. His buxom wife was now riding topless down
the oversees highway.

Marisa looked at her swollen nipples before pulling the
halter top on back over her tits. “Stupid bra keeps
rubbing my nipples. I hope Jack gets thirsty soon,
they’re feeling heavy.”

“I’m a little thirsty myself,” replied John. Marisa’s
phone went off. “Who is that?” he asked.

Marisa checked her cell. “Text from Lola. I sent her one
when we got here saying I was sorry about her and Flex
and missed her.” Marisa read a little more. “She misses
us too and wishes she could have met Jack. Umm.. Don’t
feel bad about her and Flex. Umm.. She still loves the
big asshole, but he couldn’t stay faithful.”

“She knew that,” said John. “She was the other woman

“Yeah, she says here, It’s not so much the cheating,”
Marisa felt the color drain from her already pale face.
“As it is his obsession with knocking up white woman.”

“You okay honey?” asked John.