“Yeah fine,” she replied, faking a smile. “I’m just
shocked to find out what kind of man Flex is.” He’s a
real man, that’s what kind of man he is.

“Yeah, there’s something wrong with him up here,” said
John, tapping his head with his finger. “He knocked up
three girls back in college. Told me he poked holes in
his condoms so that they’d pop. Two of the girls ended
up dropping out to raise babies.”

“And you’re friends with this guy?” she asked. John just
shrugged. Marisa looked down at her phone. “Lola says
Flex knocked up her best friend, Melissa.”

“Oh yeah, another female bodybuilder.”

“Swore to her that he’d had a… OHMYGOD!”

“What?” asked John in alarm.

“He is an asshole,” said Marisa, hoping John was paying
attention to the road and not to how much her hands were
shaking. “He told Melissa that he’d had a vasectomy.”

“You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” she snapped. “Just pull over soon. My boobs
are aching and I need to feed Jack.”
Marisa stared out the window at the passing palm and
cypress trees and the beautiful clear blue water. A tear
rolled down one cheek as she thought of Flex. He had
sent load after load of his apparently potent seed
directly into her womb this weekend and she was right
between periods, her most fertile time.

Candace and her own periods were closely synced too. The
thin blonde was holding off on pregnancy for career
reasons. Stretch marks and weight gain could cost her a
fortune and now Candace had taken billions of his sperm
into her fertile womb. My god, she thought. I just
helped enable him to fuck that mom and her twins!

Marisa lowered her arm and placed one open hand over her
womb. She wondered if there was life growing there. She
was almost certain of it. She thought of Flex’s cock and
how good it felt, especially when it was cumming in her
womb. Thinking about him made her horny. What a man!
What a cock! That mom and her twins were lucky that Flex
wanted to fuck them and put babies in their bellies.
They owed her. So did Candace. Marisa rubbed her womb
and smiled.

No regrets.