“Hey Isa,” called Flex as Marisa walked around the back
of John’s car. “Hold up.”

“What?” she asked.

“Here take this,” said the black man slipping a fifty
into Marisa’s hand. “Buy a bottle of wine for your

“Thanks Flex,” said John. He opened the car door. “That
wasn’t necessary.”

“I insist,” said the black giant. He waited until John
had sat down and closed the door. “What did Candy say?
She gonna keep her mouth shut?”

“Not sure. She might tell Grant. What do we do?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it,” said Flex. He
opened the door for her and closed it after she sat


Luckily Jack behaved very well. He was a good baby and
Candace found herself starting to think that maybe it
was time to put her career behind her and start a
family. She looked over at the men playing poker. They
weren’t betting money, but the loser had to do a shot of
tequila. Flex handled his liquor well with his huge size
and high metabolism, plus he was winning most of the
hands. Grant wasn’t doing so good.

Flex broke out a joint and Candace moved Jack over to a
portable playpen to keep him clear of any smoke from the
marijuana. She then joined her husband and Flex for a
couple hands. Drinking a beer while they kept pounding
tequila shots. The sweet smoke from the joint filled her
nostrils, but she turned down an offer for a hit. It
wouldn’t be responsible to baby sit while stoned. Jack
was antsy in the playpen so she went to retrieve him,
picking him up and carrying him over to the steps to her
trailer well away from the smoke.

Candace bounced Jack on her lap. She looked over at her
husband. He was drunk and swaying. Her eyes moved over
to Flex. He had a cocky grin on his face and just stared
at Grant, trying to intimidate him. Flex had this air of
superiority about him. No matter how good his poker hand
was, he looked like he was going to win it. He was
shirtless. The hot Florida air had a sheen of sweat
covering his dark rippling muscles. His skin glistened
in the light from the streetlamp between their three

Candace pictured herself rubbing lotion all over his
chest on the beach. Her hands had slid over every inch,
every hard indentation of his hard bodybuilder’s chest.
She’d never found Flex attractive, but she did admire
his physique and his dedication to perfection. Her
nipples hardened.

The image of her friend lying on her bed getting the
fucking of her life returned to her mind. His cock, his
giant cock, black and hard, shooting hot white sperm all
over Marisa’s breasts even after he had flooded Marisa’s
pussy with his seed, even after he had flooded Candace’s
pussy with his seed. Candace reached down and grabbed
Flex’s still spurting cock, guiding it back between her
legs. She wanted more.