“You feeling ok, honey?” asked Grant.

Candace shook her head to clear it. “Yeah fine. I’m
fine. Fine. Why? I’m fine.”

“You looked pale. I thought the stomach bug was

“I’m fine,” she repeated. At that moment, Jack reached
his little hand up, trying to grab her nipple. “Somebody
hungry?” she asked, laughing. She was surprised to see
how hard and erect her nipples had become. No wonder the
hungry little bugger was reaching for them. “I’m gonna
go feed Jack,” she told her husband.

Candace carried Jack over to Marisa’s trailer. She
entered the room, looking over at the bed. Marisa was
still on her back getting fucked by Flex. The black man
pulled his huge cock out and started cumming all over
Marisa. Candace could see her vagina, still splayed open
and filled with cum. She opened her mouth, letting some
fly in, swallowing it, while rubbing the semen all over
her body like she was under a shower and Flex’s cock was
the shower head. He just kept cumming and cumming. He
turned and winked at her. Marisa moaned. “Oh god Candy,
it’s soooo gooood!”

Candace shook her head and stared at the empty bed. She
shivered. She must have gotten a contact high from the
joint. The image of that big thirteen inch black cock
shooting his seed all over Marisa’s belly and breasts
was stuck in her mind. She took a bottle of Marisa’s
breast milk out of the mini fridge and put it in the
timed warmer. Jack was getting fussier by the second.
Despite acting like a whore and cheating on her husband
whom Candace was quite fond of, Marisa had looked
amazing coupling with the black man. She was just so
white and Flex was so black.

Candace took the bottle and squirted a little milk on
her wrist. It wasn’t too hot. On impulse, she brought
her wrist up to her mouth and licked her friend’s breast
milk off. There wasn’t much taste to it, but Jack sure
seemed eager for it. He was reaching for the bottle. She
fed him the nipple and held him while he sucked
contentedly on the rubber nipple. He drained the bottle
dry and then fell fast asleep. Candace put the baby down
in his crib and left the trailer.

“Deal me in,” she said to Flex as he was shuffling.

Marisa and John pulled up as Flex was dealing out the
cards. “Good timing the baby just went down,” she called
as Marisa exited the car. Candace’s eyes fell on
Marisa’s bare belly. “What on earth is that?” she asked.

“It’s my anniversary present,” said John, grinning.

“He always wanted me to get my belly button pierced,”
said Marisa.

“I think it’s sexy as fuck,” grunted Flex, staring at
the green emerald in Marisa’s navel.

“Don’t know about sexy, but it hurts like fuck,” said

Candace stared closely at her friend. Marisa’s body was
reacting excitedly to Flex’s scrutiny. Her nipples had
started hardening the second he commented. Her skin even
flushed a little. The red headed mom was acting like a
bitch in heat around the black man. Was he really that