“And she agreed to dress to show it off a little more
often,” said John proudly.

“Good for her,” said Flex. “That hot body shouldn’t be
covered up. Want me to deal you two in for a hand?”

“Alright,” said Marisa.

“No, I think we need to get to bed early tonight,” said
John. His low sex drive kicking in at the sight of his
wife’s sexy belly piercing.

“Oh well, goodnight ya’ll,” said Marisa, practically
being dragged by her husband into the trailer.

“Three kings,” said Flex, turning his cards over. “You
two do shots.”

Grant poured her a shot of tequila and she wrinkled her
nose in distaste as she downed it. He then poured
himself one and poured it down his throat. Candace took
the cards and shuffled while Flex took out another
joint. Her baby sitting duties over, she willingly took
a hit this time. She dealt the cards and ended up
winning the hand. She smiled with delight as Grant and
Flex both did shots of tequila. She took another hit off
the joint and passed it to Grant. He looked wasted.
“Don’t drink too much more, honey,” she told him,
rubbing his thigh with her hand. “I wanna have some fun

“Looks like I’m the only one not having fun this trip,”
said Flex.

Candace tossed him and evil look. He was taunting her.
“It wouldn’t surprise me if you found some whore at some
point this trip, Flex.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me either,” he replied, laughing.

The black man had no guilt, no shame. “Come on Grant,
let’s make like Marisa and John and hit the bed early.”
She winked at him.

“What’s gotten you so hot and bothered Candy?” asked
Flex. “You watch some hot porno today or something?”

“I just want to spend some time with my husband.”

“Go ahead. I can wait a few minutes for him to come
back.” Flex looked over at Grant. He hadn’t caught the
insult and looked like he was about to pass out at any
moment. “You go on to bed Candace. Grant and I gotta
kill this bottle of tequila.”

“Fine,” said Candace in a huff. She looked at the
bottle. It was nearly empty. There were only a few shots
left in the bottom. “Hurry up Grant.”

Candace entered her trailer and used the toilet. She was
a little heady from the shots and marijuana, but not too
drunk or stoned. If anything, it was making her hornier
then she already was. She took the hat off and pulled
the knot between her breasts. She opened the plaid shirt
exposing her bare breasts and dropped it in her dirty
clothes pile.

“Take it off Candace,” yelled Flex from outside.

Candace shivered. The blinds were down, but anyone
outside could easily see the shadow of her removing her
clothes. She flipped the light off and heard laughter
outside. She wasn’t sure why it had bothered her.
Removing your clothes in front of others went with the
job description, but then she usually only worked with
professionals who didn’t yell at her while she stripped.
The shorts were tight and she slowly slid them down her
ass, followed by the frilly little panties underneath
them. Soon she was naked, but for the cross around her
neck and the ring on her finger. It was hot, so Candace
laid down on top of the bed and waited for her husband.