“Kill it! Kill it!” she heard Flex chant.

Candace ran her hands over her breasts and pinched her
own pointy nipples, squeezing her small breasts. They
were small mounds. She wore a B-cup, but could easily go
without a bra. Candace had nearly zero percent body fat.
Her ass was firm and round, nice, but it wasn’t plump
and nothing on her jiggled. Not like Marisa.

Candace had the perfect bikini models’ body and she made
a good living at it, but her friend was built like a
porn star and Marisa certainly looked like a porn star
lying squealing and moaning like a whore as a giant
black man’s penis pounded her pussy. Candace’s hands
slid down her flat belly to her pubes and then between
her legs. She felt her engorged clit and rubbed it.
Maybe if she got a head start, the minute man might
actually make her cum tonight? She instantly felt guilty
after thinking that.

Candace pictured her loving husband hovering over her,
pushing his hard prick into her needy pussy. She loved
her husband, loved how he felt inside her. All she ever
wanted from Grant was for him to last just a little
longer. Grant pulled his penis out. “Is this what you
want?” he asked. His hard penis grew and turned dark.
Grant had a giant black penis sticking out from his

Soon the black penis was pushing inside her. Candace
fingered her pussy and diddled her clit faster as
Grant’s muscles grew and he turned darker slowly
morphing into Flex. She was fucking the black man. He
reached down and squeezed her heavy milk laden tits. “Is
this what you want Candace?” asked Flex. She was still
Candace, but now she had Marisa’s body. Her big tits
were flopping hard as Flex fucked her. Flex buried his
cock and came. Grant had worn a condom since they dated
and Candace almost came at the thought of the black man
ejaculating inside her pussy like he had in Marisa’s.

Flex pulled his cock out and sprayed his hot seed all
over her breasts. Candace aimed her spraying cock at
Marisa’s tits and then moved it up to her face. Her red
headed friend swallowed the sperm that fell in her
mouth. Candace pulled back, bending her hard black cock
down towards her friend’s pussy again and pushed it back
inside. Marisa’s pussy was such a tight fit. So snug, so
hot and wet around her big black cock. Candace started
fucking Marisa as hard as she could, bending down to
suck one of
Marisa’s nipples between her dark lips, milk filling her

“AAAGGHH!” moaned Candace as she came picturing herself
fucking Marisa. She wanted to giggle with delight as she
pulled her fingers from her wet pussy. It was the best
orgasm she had in years. Satisfied, tired, and still a
little intoxicated, she started falling asleep even as
the door to her cabin opened.