Candace was a little out of it as she slowly woke back
up. Her legs were being held open. Even as she was
waking up fully, a long flat tongue licked hard up her
pussy from almost her anus up to her clit. “OH MY!” she
squealed in delight even as she hoped Grant wouldn’t
notice how wet her vagina already was from her recent
orgasm. Grant pushed hard on her thighs, pushing her
legs up and lifting her ass off the bed. His tongue was
moving rapidly now, licking her like crazy. His tongue
was reaching her anus and instead of backing off, the
tip licked around the rim and pushed into her a little
before it slid back up to dip into her pussy. Instead of
repulsing her, it felt good, real good.

Grant had never gone down on her with such gusto before.
He was attacking her pussy like a man that actually
enjoyed going down on a woman. She was going to cum
again and that would make this the best sex of her life.
She’d never cum twice in one night before. “Oh god! Lick
me Grant. That’s it baby. Eat me. Harder baby. YES!
Right there. That’s it. That’s it. CCUUMMMMIINNGG!!”

Candace was in heaven as her husband adjusted his heavy
massive body on the bed. His rock hard cock knocked on
her blonde pubes, trying to find its way into her pussy.
Grant was overeager tonight. He adjusted his body
backwards and the hard giant head of his penis was
pushing against her soaked pussy.

The pressure grew as the huge head pressed hard against
her labia, pushing her lips inwards. Her pussy started
opening for it. She had never had this much trouble
taking Grant before? Finally, she opened wide enough
that the big golf ball sized head entered her. God, he
felt huge! She was still fantasizing that she was
fucking Flex. No doubt his wrist thick shaft would be
pushing into her next and she was right. He was working
his big cock in and out of her as fast as he could,
lubricating every bit of it as he tried to push it
deeper and deeper. He wanted it as deep as it could go
before she came to her senses.

Candace for her part was helping him. Her mind was still
telling her this was a fantasy while her body was
pulling his cock in deeper. Her vagina was producing so
much lubrication she felt like she was peeing constantly
while her vaginal muscles were pulling inwards. Her ass
was bouncing upwards of it’s on accord, raising into him
each time he thrust forwards. “There it is,” said Flex’s
deep voice as the tip of his cock knocked on her cervix.

“Oh my god, it’s so big,” she moaned. Not only had the
big cock pushed deeper then Grant had ever been, but it
was also stretching her wider then Grant’s could. Plus,
Grant would have ejaculated a long time ago.
Large hands came down to engulf her entire breasts. He
squeezed them and pinched her nipples. Candace moaned,
squirming around the large cock impaling her.