He was still applying pressure to push it deeper. It
hurt a little pressing hard against her cervix, then a
little more as her cervix opened for him, and then it
was through the barrier and his cock slid the rest of
the way into her pussy. If that hurt, she didn’t care
for she was too busy cumming all over his huge cock.
Candace arched her back up and reached out for the
chest. She ran her hands over the hard muscles, feeling
it ridge and outline. The same chest, she had rubbed
lotion on two days earlier. “Thank you,” she gasped.

“Do you want me to take it out?” asked Flex, chuckling a

“Hell no. I want you to fuck me,” she told him.


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” replied John. He frowned. “My penis just
keeps popping out.”

“Sorry,” replied Marisa, feeling her face flush and
wishing she hadn’t agreed to letting John make love to
her with the lights on. He’d been so sweet and excited
over her navel piercing that he wanted to look at the
green emerald while they had sex. He hadn’t shown this
much enthusiasm for a long time and she felt guilty for
cheating on him. “Let me get on top.”

John didn’t reply, but he pulled out and quickly laid
next to her on the bed. Previous experience told them to
move fast because John’s penis often went floppy quickly
when it wasn’t inside her. It didn’t this time, staying
hard as Marisa grabbed it and pulled it up as she
lowered her pussy over it. “You’re so beautiful,”
groaned John, staring at her belly and heaving bosom. “I
love you,” he told her emotionally.

“I love you too,” replied Marisa. His penis seems so
small now, she thought. She tried to ride him, but just
as it had with him on top, his penis kept plopping out
of her. Finally, after his penis had fallen out for the
third time since she mounted him, Marisa just let it
ride. She slid her pussy along his shaft while he bucked
his hips. This wasn’t unusual for them. It was their
normal method of birth control. John didn’t like
condoms, so he always pulled out before he came and she
did the old camel toe slide along his penis until he
came on his belly. It actually felt quite good and
Marisa had gotten off a few times this way.

“Uunggh,” he grunted, grabbing and squeezing her breasts
as he came.

Marisa felt the small penis bucking beneath her and knew
he was cumming. She pressed her pussy down hard into the
thin shaft and slid faster. She was still humping it,
wishing it might make her cum this time, but knowing it
was a futile wish. John’s penis quickly shriveled
beneath her and John had to grab her hips to make her
slow down as his penis grew too sensitive.