Bbc bull breeds again.... Lynn
I stood at the end of the bed with my flacid cock in hand stroking it as I gazed at the 60 year old black cock slut named Lynn. Her cuck of a husband Rick was plastered in his usual spot, in the recliner in the corner, cock out through the opening of his pajamas slowly jacking his little five inch pencil of a rod as he gazed at mine. Lynn has a deep seeded fantasy I guess about being forcibly screwed by a big black man. She normally lays there with her legs clamped tight asking me what do I want as she gazes back and forth from my eyes to my dick. “No, please” she begs softly. “Just leave, I won’t tell a soul.”

The pleas of no only excite me further, after about the third “NO” my member is at full salute, extending about ten inches out and ferociously ready to devour Lynn’s tight little love tunnel. She pants, pants turn into deep breaths as I crawl my way on top of her slowly inching my hand in between her clinched legs. Lynn’s mouth may be saying no but the river of wetness I come in contact with as my hand reached her vagina screamed yes. “Open your legs” I whisper into her ear as our cheeks meet. Lynn submits and spreads as far wide as she can. I place one hand firmly over her mouth and guide my eager tool back and forth over her clitoris.

“You want this, don’t fight me” I say as I position the head of my penis at her wet opening. Nudging my hips forward I enter Lynn slowly, an inch at a time, each inch driving her more and more into excitement. Wow she’s always so tight and wet I thought to myself. Her pussy fits like a glove around me. After filling her tunnel with every inch of cock I have, I roll forward and place my hands palms down on each side of her head. I pull just about all the way out of her and thrust inward again, “ughhh’ Lynn gasps loudly. “Just like that.” She wants long steady strokes, not the fast stuff, neither the slow either.

After about only a minute Lynn is saying those famous words “I’m gonna cum, huh huh” while digging her nails into my lower back. I continue to drive on. I can feel her tunnel pulse and grab at my tool as she reaches climax, “don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I don’t say a damn word other than a occasional moan. I really like pounding the bottom out of this black cock slut. I lean in and kiss her neck and suckle as our bodies now make full contact. Still driving as deep as I can into her love, almost instantly she rips into orgasm once more, this time moaning into my ear and wrapping her arms around my head. “Fuck me, fuck don’t stop.”

It would take a true soldier to endure through this passionate fucking I was giving Lynn, I couldn’t take much more. The cum began it’s journey up and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. “Shit babe” I uttered, with a chuckle she replies “let it go,” bust that wod of cum in me baby. I reached back and hooked my arms around her knees and began my decent. I pumped and pumped, closed my eyes and let loose deep inside of her, uhhhhhh while giving her my last strokes. Anything better than being balls deep inside of pussy as your cock quivers and squeezes the last bit of seed deep inside? No.. We both sat there staring back and forth. I shook my head and Lynn blew a kiss up at me. I crawled from on top of her and plopped down onto the bed.