This is a story about a happily married couple. Ian (27) & Claire (25). Ian is very proud of his lovely wife. He loves to watch her dancing & also likes it when he sees other men looking at her slim body & long legs. Since they married 5 years ago Ian has encouraged Claire to wear sexy dresses with stockings and to reveal a little stocking top when sitting or dancing. Over the years Ian has asked Claire to flirt & tease men in front of him but she always refused to.

Till now!

There was an office get-together from Claire’s work in the local pub, then going onto a disco. Ian persuaded Claire to wear a wrap around dress, stockings, lacy knickers & no bra.
They all met at the pub & had several drinks there before going onto the disco. Only some of the group went to the disco, about 7 people.
The disco was packed, Ian got drinks & headed for the dance floor. As the night went on there was more room to dance, Ian asked Clair to show some more leg & tease him. Ian had noticed Colin(Claire’s superviser )eyeing her up all night.
Claire laughed and jiggled her boobs at Ian then did a spin showing her stockings as she did. Ian looked at Colin and grinned, he smiled, Ian nodded to him as if in approval. Claire danced around Ian then around Colin teasing them both. Ian told Claire He needed the toilet & left her with Colin. When He returned the music had changed to slow songs as the night was coming to a close. He got a seat in the shadow of the room, watching them dancing together, her arms resting on his shoulders, his hands on her hips.( she is taller than him). Suddenly the music stopped & the lights came on, that was it time to go.
Outside there were a couple of taxis, Colin asked if they wanted to share a taxi as their house was on the way to his house . They sat with Claire in the middle, her skirt open showing her stockings, they were laughing and joking till they arrived at Claire’s house Ian asked Colin if he fancied a night cap . They all went inside, Claire put on some music while Ian got some drinks. Colin asked to use the loo. While he was gone Claire asked if he liked what she was doing and should she keep on teasing & flashing her stockings. “Yes please” Ian said “you’re doing great, keep flashing the more the better. “ Claire opened the split of her dress showing him her stockings. “More,” she said. “Yes more” Ian replied. She lifted her dress revealing her knickers, “is this too much? “ No not at all. The more the better for me” Ian laughed. Claire heard the toilet flush & decided to see how far Ian would let her go, she quickly took off her knickers & waved them at Ian. “No “ he started to say but it was too late Colin was coming through the door.
Colin sat next to Ian, “ your right “ Colin said “she just doesn’t stop dancing “ .
Claire laughing started playing with her dress flipping it about showing off her stockings then she twirled around her slit skirt opening as she spun around. They both encouraged her to go faster, which showed her hairy pussy, she enjoyed the attention. Come on!, join me she pleaded! They both got up & danced with her. There was a lot of flirting & brushing against her.
A slower song came on. Ian took this moment and went to the bathroom, looking back as he went through the door he saw Colin pulling Claire close to him for a slow dance.