A short one but a good one. enjoy!

Beach Frolic
I was at Bradford beach pavilion in Milwaukee and Nicole Koglin and Angelica Duria were sitting at a table on the top deck and I went over to them”hey fox six wake up ladies” I said to them.”wow I’m surprised you recognize us off camera” Nicole said as she turned to me. I began checking both of them out.”wow you look..stunning” i said to Nicole.

Beach Frolic 2

She starts laughing, “c’mon really dude you know I’m married” she says. “can i get a hug, a peck on the cheek?” I insisted. angelica starts chanting”do it do it do it” Nicole hesitates.”okay just a little peck” she says she leans up and gives me a slight peck on the lips.”yeah ‘atta girl!” angelica says giving her a high five.”that is the highlight of my day” i told her. I think my lips would give me a hug for that!
Beach Frolic 3
Angelica frowns.”aw can i join you two? she asked. I nodded”angelica I’ve always thought you were good looking too.” i told her. I told her I like filipino women.”wow, interesting.all of this flirting has me hard as a brick.”i wanna say something but i don’t wanna offend you” i told her. angelica looks up at me.”we’re all adults” she said.”i wanna make out with you straight up, if you don’t want to it’s okay I just have to get that off my chest.” I admitted. “you know what? hell yeah let’s do it” she says. I lean up to her and she frowns.”since we’re here alone, I don’t see why we can’t,you know?” she suggests, I look around, there’s no one on this pavilion BUT us three,perfect timing.”let’s do it” i told her as i unzipped my shorts.i can’t wait to get this lovely Asian babe out of her purple black and white blouse and fuck the shit out of her Filipino pussy.

I gave her a hug then a long wet kiss then i picked her up and carried her over to a nearby picnic table.”pull them panties off” i demanded angelica reached under her skirt pulled her panties off and put them on another table nearby as Nicole held the camera. i pulled my shorts off I’m so ready for angelica.”just hopin you guys don’t get caught fuckin” Nicole said.i could care less if someone caught us. I’m laying on top of her giving her the business as nicole hold the camera”‘god why did i get married? angelica gasps as i’m taggin her filipino pussy you’re doing a good job:” she says i’m plunging deep up in her got her legs up in the air hold those legs up so i can get up in there” I whisper in her ear.”damn girl he’s going off up in you,got that cream all over his dick” Nicole says. i grab angelica and pick her up off the picnic table.”cmon duria!” i mumbled she wraps her arms around my neck and i hoist her up and down on my dick “urghhh duria c’mon c’mon c’mon!” I exclaimed she looked into my eyes startled I’m fucking her this hard”uhhhh uhhuhh please” she gasps i got my hands on angelica’s butt cheeks squeezing and smackin that asian ass. “ride my dick duria” i demanded as i’m sitting on a nearby chair and she’s bouncing up and down on my dick”uhhh ahhh yes,ohhhh yes mmmmm give me that dick please yes ohhh my fucking god fuck me!” she pleads as she began to rock back and forth on my dick.