Hey guys. my name is Tony and I am 26 years old now. I am a 5’5″ guy with an athletic body and an average member. The incident I am about to share with you happened when I was 22 and during the final year of my college.
Sandhya was her name. The maid, who had been with us for about 3 years.

Beautiful Divorced Maid And IWhen I was 22, she was 34 and divorced. She has a lean body, with symmetrically well-balanced buttocks and breasts. She was quite fair and beautiful too. But due to her family issues, she had to marry an older guy, who abused her, and so she got divorced at 30. She is now 34 (and I am 22).

I myself have been wanting to have sex ever since I knew about everything when I was a teen. I am the youngest of the family and in fact, very curious too, which lead me to the discovery. I used to masturbate every day since I was a teenager.

For the past 3 years, Sandhya had been a very loyal and respectful maid. She does her work in time and completes it without any problems.

Because of it, mom likes her and so, she gives her a bit more freedom in the house. Sandhya always wears a long nightwear dress while she is working.

I love it when older women wear nightwear at their homes. It just turns me on. I used to browse the internet and search for milfs and other aunties wearing such dresses and imagine me fucking and playing with their tits while I masturbate.

So, after Sandhya started working in our home, she was my cum-queen. I used to masturbate thinking of her every day.

The best days are when she comes into my room for cleaning and wiping the floors. That’s the chance for me to take some sexy pics of her, which I could later use to jerk off to.

So what I do is, I pretend like I am using my phone for Whatsapp and all, and when she’s in front of me, I’ll slowly switch my camera and start taking pics of her.

Sometimes I take videos too. The pictures and videos just make my cock so hard. Seeing her bending down and wiping the floor, while her breasts are just moving here and there inside. Plus, when she turns around and bends down, I would be so tempted to just live up that dress, pull down her underwear and just fuck her from behind.

But I try and control myself and slowly rub my hard erect cock when she is in those positions. Her lips are kinda juicy and fat. And they make me go wild. Every time I see her, it’s like I wanna fucking taste those lips and suck them.

One day, she had been working so hard and cleaning all the rooms. The last room she came into was mine. The day was very hot and so, she sweated a lot. I could see her underarms and ass and neck all sweaty.