This story involves one of the first friends I met, named Layla.  We both met at a college orientation in a January and became good friends, despite many differences, as I am a staunch conservative type who voted for Bush (this was in January of 2005 when we met) and her a bleeding heart hippie liberal.  We were students at Temple U, and I lived at home and she was moving into a dorm.  

As this was January, the orientation sessions were a lot less crowded than a standard one (we’d started at different schools in August of 04 but we had transferred to Temple for January 05).  So that gave us a great opportunity to talk and meet.  After that, I offered to show her around Philly as she was from New York and had never been to Philly before.  We also went to dinner and such a few times, and I did try to get a relationship but Layla wanted to just be friends, and I understood.  I did kiss her goodbye on the cheek a few times and that’s how far we went with each other.  We hung out a few times, and that was really it.  She did tell me she would be moving into an apartment off campus so I offered to help her find things when she would return to Philly in August.

Fast forward to August of 2005, Layla and I met up for lunch, and then shopped for various items at an IKEA for her new apartment.  I’d lost a few pounds over the summer, and she commented on how great I was looking!  Now, admittedly, i’d seen Layla in nothing less than winter clothes for the most part, but as it was summer, she appeared in a really sexy summer dress.  We took the stuff back to her place, and I assembled it for her, and by the end of the day, her little apartment looked like a home.  I admit, I probably stared at Layla a little more, especially when the straps of her dress would slide off, and she wasn’t exactly quick to pull them back up.  Plus, it was obvious she was not wearing a bra of any kind (did I mention she was a hippie chick?)  

She offered to take me to dinner wherever I wanted as a thank-you, and I agreed.  But since we’d worked all day (and her apartment’s a/c was not working), we were both sweaty.  I told her I needed to shower, so I began to head home.  She told me I could just shower there, and borrow some clothes her father left accidentally while mine were in the laundry.  

So I got into the shower, and cleaned up.  Layla would shower right after me.  I finished up, and Layla walked in wearing nothing but a towel, and I quickly covered up with a towel.  We kind of just stared at each other for a bit, but nervous as I was, I ran out to put on the clothes, but realized they were much too small.  I went back by the bathroom door to tell Layla that she clothes wouldn’t fit and she told me to just keep the towel on and just relax on the chair.  I was able to move my clothes into the dryer, and went back to the chair to sit, and Layla came back out wearing the same towel, only with wet hair.  I admittedly couldn’t divert my gaze, and just kind of stared at her.  I just awkwardly told her my clothes were in the dryer and we’d be ready to go in about a half hour.