Becoming his toy-2

Becoming his toy-2 2Becoming his toy-2 3

Thank you for so many emails saying you love my writing. It really inspires me. I have never spoken about my feelings much n this platform helps me. But i cannot share any of my pictures and i am sorry for that.. but love u all and want you all to come thinking of my biiiiiigggg boobs n juicy pussy..

So all those who are new please read previous parts to catch up.

Getting back to my adventurous life..

That evening when i woke up i felt my pussy and ass being stretched out because of the dildos that he forced inside me to make me welcoming for the surprise. He asked me to take bath and wear one of the bras that he had cut out for me to wear. He even released my breasts from the sucker pumps but he did put on clams to keep them pointed and my pussy wet. I took a long steamy bath with aroma oils he bought for me. And as adviced by him. My holes were still blocked by the dildos not letting his juices run out. After the bath i got dressed and he took me to the play room. I was blindfolded so i couldnt see much. But i heard some men giggle, one of them said – her boobs are really huge. The other voice said – even her ass is very broad.
I heard my love say – we got to make her broader and milk these tits. She likes that. And he made me sit on a metal stool. It was high and i couldnt sit so he held me by me waist n made me sit. He then seperated both my legs to more than 90° which made my pussy naked infornt of some men, i didnot knpw the number but by the voices i thought there may be 4. He then took both my hands behind my head n tied them. He said – you wont need your hands tonight..

Then he opened my blindfold and there were 4 men and my love infront of me in a semi circle. All staring at my body like i was a desert the will have to the fullest contentment.

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This view made my nipples hard n down there i was flowing like a lake. He then said this is my toy and tonight i will let you play with her. But do not hurt her. She must enjoy more than you and i will see her being fucked in all way she wants.

Four of then stood and took me in their arms took me to a large wooden table in the room. They tied my hands and legs to the four legs of the table and two of them ripped on my bra. One cut down the sides of my panty making me bare naked infront of them. The fourth one wasted no time and pulled out the dildos and clamp off my body and started eating my pussy like he was hungry since ages. My clit gave me sensations of lust and i started moaning so loudly. The two other men milked me with their mouth like a newborn trying to bring out milk from me. The last man gagged me with his dick and for the whole night they all kept doing this in turns. It never stopped. I came more than 25 times and passed out seversl times with the excitement but the fucking never stopped. My love enjoyed it and i could see his dick enjoying it coz whenever he was about to come he would put his dick inside my pussy and spread it inside me. He knew i was enjoying so he didnt wrry much about me passing out. By the time the 4th guy came inside my pussy the first one was ready to fuck and dump in me. My pussy and my ass got more than 30 rounds of sperm. Early in the morning at arround 5, finally my love asked thrm to stop and leAve. After they went he picked me in his arms and took me to the bed room. Laid me on the bed and let me sleep. In my sleep i could still feel him cleaning my body with a warm wet towel. He cleaned my body but inserted small plug in my pussy to hold the sperm inside. He then hugged me with my sore nipple in his mouth and we slept till late in the afternoon.