I woke up feeling so pained and sore. He still had my nipples in his mouth and i pulled them out. They were paining but i felt good. My body was soo used. But something was missing. I wanted to feed my love with my milk. And soon i asked him to help me with that and i will let u know how he helped me start lactating. you all know i am now living with my lover who owns my body and i love it when he plays with my body.

It was sunday morning. We didnot sleep all night because of his dick which kept on getting hard with my body close to him n he kept fucking and dumping his juices inside me. It was only 3 weeks and the size of my boobs increased from 38c to 40c and i was loving how well used my boobs looked. Sore red and heavy. I only wished if i could have milk to feed my love. I wanted to feed him everytime and he knew how much horny his sucking made me. So he would start sucking my boobs every moment he could. He even kept my pussy running all the time with different types of vibrators.

That morning after a sexy breakfast and long sucking of my boobs and his dick. He tied me to the bed and tod me he was going to give me the best surprise of my life.
I didnot know what he was talking but i trusted him so i lie there naked, exposed and smiling at him. When he went to the drawers and brought some gadgets and a smallvpaper bag. He sat between my legs first and started sucking on my clit and fingering my wet pussy to arouse me. Ohhh his 4 fingers in me felt so tight and good. He has been wanting to fist me but i cannot take it and start screaming and so he stops everytime. But soon he may dtart doing it, but thats another story. Right now he was just pulling my clit with his teeth making me very horny and sensitive. He then piched my clit and put on a sucker tube vibrator on my clit which made me scream a little from the sudden shock and he loved it. He then took a big vibrator which had small hairy texture and it rotated and vibrated loosely. He slowly inserted it inside me while it was off. It was big and was stretching my pussy walls to a point where i was in pain and moaning heavily. Once he had inserted all of 6.5 inches of dildoninside me he secured the dildo with a silver duct tape on my pussy to stop it from comming out. I was so horny by this time that my nipples were pointing to sky. He then came to me kissed me and with a small remote he turbed on the dildo inside me. This was not a normal dildo. It started dancing around inside my pussy and the hair on it were pointing and rubbing against my inner walls making me veryyyy sensitive and horny. I couldnot take the feeling and started to jump my ass to adjust and stop the tingling inside. But he simply laughed and kissed me. He was enjoying seeing me helplessly aroused and being fucked in pleasure. He then took the small paper bag and took out some medicines and an oil. He told me – ” i know how badly u want to feed me with your milk and i did somebresearch. If i guve u these medicines and massage your breasts, you will start milking in 24 hours.” Ohhhh i so loved the idea of that. So i smiled and nodded. He gave me some pills to eat and an injection in both of my nipples. The he sat on my pelvis with his dick on my stomach and started massaging my boobs with full pressure in round motion from out to in till my nipples and pulling them up. He continued massaging me while i was being tormented by the dildo, i came multiple times and passed out with pleasure. When i woke up in afternoon. I was still being buzzed on my clit and inside my pussy but the massage stopped although his both hands help my nipples tightly. I loved that sight. I was still tied to bed so i could not mode and i lay there jumping as i kept cumming again n again untill i passed out. Later that evening. He cleaned my body. And fucked all my holes and sprayed his juices inside me 7 or 8 times and then massaged my boobs all night while letting me be fucked by the dildo and clit sucker and i kept cumming being tied in that position on bed. Early morning at around 4.30 am. I felt he stopped massaging and started sucking me. And this time i felt different. I felt some thing in my veins in boobs being pulled out. It was my milk. I finally fed him for the first time with my milk and it was great to see him drink like a baby. He played till afternoon in my milk and with my pussy. I was used badly. But i enjoyed. Tied and used.