Soon i will be used even more badly and erotically.

So till now, i have been fucked in gangbangs, anal and now with the help of my love i acheived the best gift i can give him, my milk. I have started lactating and it seems he just cant get enough of my milk and my boobs. He keeps me in his mouth every second. Which has caused my size to grow even bigger and heavier. I love the look of them now. Full, round and heavy. They pain when they arent being sucked and nipples drip almost all the time.

This has resulted into another problem in my body.. i am horny all the time. My pussy never dries. It keeps running like a river. And he enjoys me like that.

It was christmas eve and we had the whole 6 days of holidays to ourselves. We decided to celebrate it discreetly at our place and i planned on baking cakes and bread for him from my delicious milk. He helped me milk myself. I do have pumps to pump sometimes but i prefer being milked by his hands. His fingers squeezing my nipples, pulling them down with pressure and twisting them to take milk from me, this makes my pussy run even crazily. I collected almost two bowls of milk in less than half hour. And i mixed a secret ingredient too in the recepie. My cakes turned out perfectly fluffy. That evening while having the cake he tied one leg of mine to the back rest of sofa and the other to the leg of the sofa. Exposing my pussy to his face. He then stared milking my tits again withis his fingers in a glass and this made my pussy so watery it was a pool down there. Ohhh i so knew what was to come… He smiled at me and said -” i know you added the water from your pool in these cakes my slut. Let me taste more of water with my cookies.

” He dipped those cookies in my pussy and ate all of them one by one. He then poured some of my milk on the hole and dipped more cookies and cakes and ate them all. These never stopped arousing me.. i kept flowing my juices from my pussy and my nipples kept dripping from all the sexy assault. He then said – ” i have a christmas surprise present for your body” i was happy when he said body. Cause i knew i can never be sad when he treated and played with my body.. he brought a wet towel and cleaned my body first. Then he cleaned the centre table and in 10 minutes he came back from his room carrying a small leather red bag with a ribbon tied on it. He asked me to open it with my mouth i did, lying there tied and open for his pleasure on the sofa. He then emptied the bag on the table. It had lubes. Many of them. And clamps for my nipple. I didnt know what he was gifting me.