The man then took out an injection and injected it near my clit. Withing few seconds my pussy went numb. I couldnt feel him pulling my clit and pinching it. He pulled out a gun from his bag and pierced a ring in my clit. Meanwhile my love was taking a video of all of this. Then the man proceeded to each of my nipples and did the same process. Injected some medicine in my nipples first and then pierced both my nipples with a ring. Post which he applied lots of anti infection ointment on my nipples and clit. He aske my love to leave the wound for 3 days to heal. I was sad for not being able to feed him for three days. He knew that by my look n said – ” dont wrry, the 4th day will be memorable for you.”

I didnt know what he meant. But i knew if he said it, i will get it.

The next three days he made sure i had my medicines on time and applied ointment on the wounds for it to heal quickly and by thd end of 2 days i was feeling less pain and it almost healed. But my love is always careful about my body. He didnot fuck or pinch my parts untill thd 3rd night. He would only finger me and make me squirt multiple times. Sometimes he would fuck my ass. I returned the favour by sucking his dick and sleeping with his dick in my mouth for him to feel good.

The fourth day, morning 5.30 he woke me up. Asked me to take out my all lingeries that he had designed by cutting out the covering material. He then packed all of those and few other shopping bags in a bag with some of his clothes. He then asked me to lay down on the bead and spread my legs and hands. He went to the drawer. Took out a small box. He took out few chains. He then connected all three rings on my nipples and clit with chains a little smaller than they should have been. This made my nipples and clit being pulled slightly. There were more chains in the box. But he said those are for the trip.

Trip? Well, thats the surprise he planned for me. He made me wear tight hotpants and no bra crop top. We reached the airport international terminal and boarded the flight. We reached our destination. ( Not telling the nane of place or any details, security reasons) we checked in our room. It was a beautiful suite with private pool and a big lounge area. As the bellboy dropped by our stuff. He lustily gazed at my booty and body. The rings and the chaings were slightly understandable from the tight top. But i enjoyed it. My love took the hint and pulled me to kiss infront of the bell boy. Knowingly he put his hand in my top and exposed one of my boobs. The boy could see the boob and the chains clearly now. He then slyly grinned and left the room. We closed the door. Took a hot bath in the pool and fucked each othr to sleep. That evening. When we woke up. He asked me to get ready in a white sheer dress which was flowy and mostly see through. He didnot allow to wear any underwear. He said it will be dark outside and no one would notice. He then lay me on the bed and attached more chains in criss cross pattern to make the pulling even more intense. I started dripping milk from my nipples and juices from my pussy. He let it be like that. And then we held hands and went to the beach. I was staying away from water as it wasnt so dark and i already had attention of everyone due to ths dress and chains. If i got wet. It would be more evident. There were a group of guys playing in water. They were similar age group like us. My love ran to the water holding my hands , making me embarassingly wet and exposed. The guys were staring at me lustily. He then challenged me to talk to them and tell them my room no. If i failed my birthday would be without sex. I wanted sex so badly i forgot shame and went to thdm. Asked time and chatted with them. Told them my room no. And came back. All through the conversation, none of them looked at my face. Everyone was staring at my shining exposed body. They had a smile when i told them my room no. We came back to the hotel. I was even more embarrased as the lights made me so exposed as if i was naked but i knew i was getting a good reward on my birthday. It was my birthday at 12.00 am and the door bell rang just 10 mins before that. The guys from beach were on the door. I celebrated my birthday being fucked and stuffed by each of their sperm inside me. They ate cake from my pussy and what not. That night i travelled from one lap to another. Feeding dicks to my pussy and ass.