Hi everyone,

I’m toni naomi, a sissy slut from ohio, and this is my journey into sissy-hood.

Little about me:

I’ve always been into cock.. but to scared to act on my desires. I’ve had said desire since I was very young. My family and piers have always been fag bashers.. and I would play along to try to fit in, act strait as possible. Spent my life with women to try and force my self strait. didn’t work. I love women.. how they look.. act.. sound.. i want to be like them.. i want to try all the kewl clothes, hair, and styles and makeup too.. but i do not like pussy. so i would not want to have one.. so i guess i would not want to be one.. i’m happy as the 3rd gender.. the best gender.

My decent begins…

about 5 months ago.. I decided to take the plunge and try to be myself.. my real self. So I ordered some gurly things from china and waited the 3 to 6 weeks to get my new identity. After a very early anticipated wait.. they finally arrived, Exciting!!! So I happily try out my knew things.. and starting to feel sexy.. and took some pix.. and.. and.. and….. was like ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Yes for real.. I was hideous lol. Well at least i thought so.. See to understand.. i was imaging my face in my youth.. and well i’m not that person anymore.. so i was shocked how how looked.. So Super Duper Disappointed.. but i posted the one pic here on xham and basically abandoned my account.. it did not have a single friend. After about a month I checked it and had some messages and compliments. Which did encourage me to try again. Plus being horny helped a lot.. cause my cage came latter then my clothes.. and once your caged you start to rage 🙂 So I watched some makeup tutorials.. and sissy hypnos and tried again.. and well.. it was a much different experience.. I enjoyed my self much more.. and you can tell in the pix i took.. I went ahead and posted them expecting a flood or negative comments but hoped to get a few nice ones too.. and I’m very proud to say that I still have not received a single negative comment on any of my pix 🙂 Which is so totally super awesome and has encouraged me to go deeper.. and become even more willing.. so I can become the best sissy I can be..

The Sissy is Unleashed:

So now that I see that I can be somewhat sexy, I need to take it up a notch.. I’m not satisfied with how I look.. and discontent is the first step of change. So what don’t I like about me.. well lot’s actually.. but my 3 biggies are my skin, my shape, and my hair. So I will try to address these to make me feel more comfortable and proud of myself. So step one research.. I found out that professional hair removal is very expensive..way to much for me. So looked at natural methods such as turmeric among others.. and well it’s a fucking mess.. and I think it depends on type of hair.. didn’t work for me,but didn’t use for long. There is some home devices although not cheap, are suppose to work.. i’m in process of getting one. As for my skin.. I have very sensitive skin. I get sunburn in winter even. and shaving it is only making it worse.. mainly just on my back, hence no back pix. I have dermatologist appointment to help with it breaking out next month so hope the fixes it.. but still has many scares.. was thinking of tattoo to cover it.. but i not really want tattoo.. so not sure. As for my body… I will make a more in depth post about this because it covers allot, but basically it involves dieting.. via calorie intake and fasting with portion control cheat days and liquid meals on regular days along with light to light moderate exercise, which is jumping jax for cardio but they do more then that.. and body shaping to give a more feminine look, but doing stomach cruches before you do anything else is highly advised because if you strengthen your core everything else is much easier.. I have lost 40 lbs in 3 months so far.. and I look and feel much much better! and I save $ as well 🙂