Bent over and Punished, A Nyasia Story
“HHMMM HMHPH HMMM” were the lovely sounds his naked brown skinned slave girl was making as he led her out of the ‘playroom’. She was almost entirely silenced, with a large volume, mouth filling, bulbous panel gag, strapped tight and padlocked around her head.

She was visibly uncomfortable as her master grasped her tightly handcuffed wrists and pushed her down the long hallway, past the other slave girls he had working for him as captive ‘maids’. Uncomfortable because of their sympathetic and in some cases overtly frightened stares. And mostly because of the thing her Master had unceremoniously impaled up into her snug brown ass, just moments ago.

Nyasia had been working away, dutifully dusting his collection of antique wooden dildos and anal toys in the front playroom. When his strong left hand surrounded her neck and choked her into submission. Her hands useless, as he gripped both of them firmly behind her back. His large right hand so easily grasping both her thin delicate wrists in his grip.

She couldn’t understand why he had just grabbed her out of the blue, pushed her face down on to the nearby couch and then handcuffed her. He ripped off her tiny, almost non-existent, black and white maid’s uniform in a flash, as she lay face down sobbing into the leather cushions.

Then he assaulted her ass in such a violent manner, with such a nasty wooden implement, she thought she would pass out from the pain. Her protesting screams useless and unheard, because of the large obtrusive gag rammed in between her aching jaws.

A teeth marked, thick leather, and rubber mouth plug that she was required to wear ten hours a day, as one of his ‘maid’ slaves. They only time she was free of the vocal silencing instrument, was when he locked her away at night. Naked and chained up to one of the many other enslaved pretty young women he kept. Or of course, when he was forcing her to suck his cock, which was fortunately often, depending on your point of view.

With her wrists cuffed behind her back so tight, her hands began to tingle, and with one of the hugest balled wooden antique dildo’s of his collection, stuffed in between her pretty bum cheeks, she felt his warm breath on her neck as he leaned down over her prone and trembling in fear body.

One of his hands found the handle of the dildo, he had just violently rammed into her rectum, and he began to push it around in random circles. He watched with sick delight as she squirmed and whimpered below him.

“Punishment time Nyasia. Get your hot brown ass up off the couch and march it to the punishment room…I can’t believe how lazy a fucking cunt you are… lying down on the job like this!” he laughed. Then in a most condescending tone he added,

“A lazy dumb young cunt like you needs to be shown the error of her ways. I think a good ass whipping, so you can’t sit down on the job for a while is in order. Don’t you think, you stupid useless slave?”