I looked at my watch, it was 15 minutes past midnight. I didn’t quite know what woke me up. I looked around the room. All the girls were sleeping. A soft knock on the door made me aware of the reason for the wake-up night. I was wearing only skimpy panties, so I put on a bathrobe and walked quietly to the door. When I opened it, I saw my tutor, a bilogi teacher, who was about to knock on the door. When she saw me, she did not hide the joy that it was me who opened her door.
– Could you come to my room? she asked in a whisper.
“Of course,” I answered, just as quietly, “I’ll just put something on my feet.”
“I’m waiting for you in my room,” she said with a smile and started toward her room, shuffling her flaps across the floor. I found my slippers in the dark hotel room as soon as I could, and after a while I knocked on the sorka’s room. The door opened. A sorka stood there, tall blonde with generous breasts. She was wrapped in a towel, tied just above the bust. I was about to apologize and come back to her when she took a step back while making an invitation gesture. So I went inside. She immediately closed the door behind me and carefully turned the key in the lock. She leaned against the door and aristocraticly untied the corners of the towel, letting him fall freely to the floor. She stood before me completely naked. With a sweet smile, she said, “I know you want to do this with me.”

Indeed, her beautiful body caused wild fantasies in me. Many times in biology lessons instead of thinking about all these slippers, amphibians, or reproduction of mushrooms, I imagined how I caress her breasts, then we go to bed. I must admit that at that time I dreamed that these fantasies would come true. Now, however, when she was standing completely naked in front of me, I couldn’t utter a word. I rose to the floor like a statue. After a while, however, the energy emanating from it crumbled my intimidation. When she put her hips towards me, parting my legs slightly – I could not stand it. I came up to her, put my arms around her body and pressed her tightly together. I buried my face in her shoulder. Gathering the remaining crumbs of courage, I climbed over my fingers and kissed her on the lips. The teacher did not remain passive. She took my face in her hands and kissed her back. He was very delicate. Almost accidentally, she opened my robes. When she held my face with one hand, she put it under her breast with the other. She lifted her gently, squeezing her slightly. She looked deep into my eyes with a frivolous smile. She leaned forward slightly and, lowering her head, carefully touched her nipple with her mouth. She flicked her tongue subtly. I involuntarily let out a sigh that dared her to take further steps. She pulled my wart into her mouth and began to suck it. Tongue tenderly nudged the nipple, which became more and more hard under the influence of caresses. I pressed her head tightly against my chest. I was more and more excited. The sighs that I let out grew deeper and deeper. I couldn’t control them anymore. Suddenly the sorka moved away slightly, but in a moment she clung to my second breast to give her the same caresses as the first. She started biting her nipple slightly. It made me shiver all over my body. I pressed her head hard against me. She, however, already had new intentions. She raised her head and stuck to my lips. Her tongue greedily broke between my lips. I absorbed the sensations caused by the exciting game of a woman’s language. I had an experience I had never experienced before. My panties got wetter than ever before. Meanwhile the sorka slipped the robe off my shoulders. He slid to the floor. She followed him. She dropped slowly to her knees. A finger began to run around the rim of my panties. She slowly slid them down, staring at the densely overgrown hillock. She leaned forward and brushed my womb with her mouth. Violent, passionate kisses covered the lips of the vulva. Exciting touches of lips made me shiver. I leaned against the door and spread my legs apart. My lover’s skillful movements caused the tremor to spread all over the body.