Birthday Baby SurpriseI had contacted Laura through a popular online dating site, she was just turning 40 and a very good looking red head. She seemed to have a lot things going for her, working on a PhD, driving a Hummer and she was a high placed administrator at a Community College. She was extremely determined to meet and wanted to meet soon! I told her I had a commitment on the night she was insistent on meeting. I offered to meet the next day. I asked her what’s the rush, the tone of her voice changed and she said it’s my birthday today and I don’t want to spend it alone. I could understand that and I said OK when I get out of work where would you like to meet. She chose a bar in a small bowling alley in a neighboring town. To my surprise when I got there she was not alone and I found myself in an awkward situation. Her adult son and his wife were there and her 18 yr old daughter with her boyfriend. The daughter and Laura were playing billiards. After introductions I ordered a beer and played pool with her. While we were playing Laura’s son said he had to get up early for work and he left with his wife. We continued to play pool as Laura knocked back the beers, a lot of beers as well as a couple of shots of whisky. He daughter approached me and said we are going back to my mom’s apartment for cake and ice cream, would you like to join us? I said sure. The apartment was less than 5 minutes away. It was very small but nice. I sat on the couch with Laura while I had a little bit of cake and ice cream. Laura fell asleep for a few minutes with her head on my shoulder, her daughter and her boyfriend disappeared into the daughters bedroom. When Laura woke up she said she was going to change into something more comfortable. She came out of her bedroom wearing a negligee, sat across my lap, put her arms around my neck and began to kiss me. My hands quickly found her tits and she was into it so I moved a hand to rub her pussy and see what she would do. She continued to kiss me and began to moan. I slipped my finger into her pussy and told her why don’t we go in the next room and get more comfortable. She was laying on her bed and I pulled her negligee up exposing her pussy so I could go down on her. It wasn’t long before her juices were really flowing and she began to moan softly. She was enjoying every minute of my tongue as it explored her pussy. I ate her for a good long time, stopping every so often to kiss her deeply. Laura had a magnificent pair of natural D tits and I loved sucking and playing with them. She had too much to drink and it became obvious to me she was not going to climax. At that point all I really cared about was enjoying myself and shooting my load into her wet willing pussy. I rolled her over and she got up on her knees, I slipped my cock into her doggy style and grabbed her tits with both hands. As I pushed in and out of her she became quite vocal. “Oh God that feels good”, “Oh ya fuck me Babe”. The walls of the apartment were so thin I was sure her daughter and her boyfriend could here her mom getting fucked. I found the thought of her daughter and boyfriend listening to us exciting and soon I could feel my climax building up. I hadn’t cum in several weeks and wanted to get off. I wondered for a moment if she was protected but it felt so good to have my stiff cock inside her and I just focused on the moment, it wasn’t long and I was shooting nice hot gooey streams of cum inside her. It was not very long after I came we both fell asleep as we cuddled up. About an hour later I woke up with her next to me and my cock was rock hard again. I began rubbing kissing and licking her magnificent tits. Soon I was rubbing her clit and the lips of her pussy. As she began to get wet again I slipped my finger inside and as I did she started to moan again slowly waking up. She whispered “fuck me now George”. I had no idea who George was but I learned later it was the name of her soon to be ex husband, she was still married! At that point it didn’t matter to me and I told her there is nothing I would rather do. Laying next to her I lifted up her leg and pushed my hard cock inside her. I held her in this position with her leg resting in the crook of my arm. As I was enjoying the ride I realized the headboard of the bed was against the wall of her daughters room. It turned me to think her daughter might here us and wanted the young lady to know her mom was getting fucked so I began thrusting hard enough to make the headboard would hit the wall. At the same time Laura became quite vocal again and she began a series of loud “oh God” and “fuck me hard”. It was very exciting and soon I said in a loud voice I hope her daughter would hear, “I am going to cum”, and she responded “oh yes cum inside me George”. I shot another load into what I thought could be a fertile womb with some exaggerated grunts for her daughters sake. I really didn’t care if she got knocked up, she had no idea who I was. Within minutes of me cumming Laura fell fast asleep again. I was spent and as I laid there I thought it might be a good idea to leave and go home since I had to work in the morning. I quietly got dressed and stepped into the hallway only to bump into her daughter who was coming out of the bathroom. I told her I hope your mom had a nice birthday, thanks for inviting me to the party and winked at her as I left. In the days that followed I continued to chat with Laura on the dating site, she couldn’t remember much of anything about the evening of her birthday and she had no memory of our love making. I knew she had a serious drinking problem and I didn’t want to deal with that so I moved on. A little more than six months later I was in the checkout line at the grocery store. I looked at the woman behind me with a grocery cart putting her stuff on the conveyor, I had to look twice because she looked different, her hair was shorter and she was quite visibly pregnant. It took my breath away and I thought maybe it’s not her. She said Hi which startled me and I just nodded my head. I was stunned. I sat in my car after I put the groceries in the trunk and I watched her push her cart to a yellow Hummer. It was her. She was pregnant and had no idea that she just said Hi to the man who may have knocked her up. I’ll never know for sure if I was the one who impregnated her but my cock stiffens to think I did.