Grant and John each held one handle of the cooler as
they carried it down to the beach. “I got that,” yelled
Flex. The black man was already shirtless and wearing
long baggy shorts that nearly reached his knees. “I’ll
be drinking most of it anyway.” He grabbed the cooler
and tucked it under one muscular arm. “Wimps,” he said.

John was carrying a bag filled with snorkeling
equipment. He dropped it at a spot near the water.
Marisa came up beside him and placed the baby carrier in
the shade of a palm tree noticing some lizards scurry
off. She spread a blanket out on the sand and sat down
in it. Candace sat down beside her while Grant spread
out a blanket beside theirs.

Candace was already wearing her bikini and was perfectly
content to wear that and nothing else all day until they
went out at night. Grant had his shirt off and was
wearing a bathing suit with flip flops. He was a good
looking guy with sandy brown hair and a nice physique.
John was wearing his suit too, but kept his shirt on to
protect his fair skin. Candace poured some tanning
lotion in her hand and started coating her lovely skin
with it. Grant did the same as did John.

Marisa stood up and pulled her shapeless sundress over
her head. When it cleared her head, see saw there were
three pairs of male eyes on her body. John was smiling
proudly while Grant seemed to be taking in her entire
sexy body. Flex had just zoned in on her breasts and
true to form, her nipples were semi-erect and apparent
through the material. Worse, there was some leakage and
little wet dots were spreading out in the center of her
bikini top. They actually hardened more under all the
male gazes.

Candace noticed the attention on the other woman and
didn’t like it. “You guys want to hear about my latest
modeling gig?”

“Maybe later dear,” said her husband. “John and I want
to get some snorkeling in.”

Candace frowned as her attempt to become the center of
attention failed. “Well, I’ll tell Marisa then.”

Great, thought Marisa, boring stories about Candace
traveling around, modeling, meeting semi-famous
celebrities, and attending cocktail parties.

“I was in Bermuda last week at a cocktail party after
the beach photo shoot when and you won’t believe who I

“Any of you girls want to oil me up?” asked Flex.

Marisa looked at his black skin and hard bulging
muscles. She didn’t even like the big man’s hugging her
and she certainly didn’t want to run her hands all over
his body. She turned away from him and checked on Jack.
He was awake, so she took him out to let him crawl on
the blanket for awhile. “I’ll do it,” said Candace. The
thin blonde jumped up and Flex tossed her a bottle of