“It’s not fair that you get to see me naked and you’re
still in that bikini.” Flex stepped into his Speedo with
one foot and pushed it down to the sand.

“Bikini stays on, Flex,” said Marisa, staring intently
at his cock as her hand slid up and down the long shaft.
It was so perfect, so masculine. Much to her shame, her
arousal grew. Her pussy continued leaking to the point,
her bikini bottoms were soaked and her juices were
leaking through it. Her nipples had been hard for
awhile, but now they began leaking and little wet spots
spread out around her nipples on her bikini top. They
even jetted once, doubling the size of the circles of
wetness on her cups. Marisa had told Flex just a few
minutes ago that this was his lucky day. Now she wasn’t
so sure. She was the lucky one. He was doing her the
favor by letting her touch him. It was her privilege.

Marisa’s arm began to tire, so she switched and began
stroking him with her left hand. Her knees were digging
into the sand through the blanket and hurting. She
fidgeted trying to get more comfortable. Her left arm
was tiring rapidly. Flex had some amazing stamina. Doubt
started creeping in that she might not be able to get
him off. He was enjoying it at least. Flex would grunt
from time to time and a few times, he’d let out an “Oh
yeah baby, jerk off that big black cock”.

She looked up his amazingly defined chest and to his
head. He’d thrown his head back and was looking up at
the sky. He brought his head back down and looked down
at her. Their eyes met and locked. She couldn’t look
away. Right then, her only desire was to make sure that
Flex got off. She started using both hands, jerking his
shaft faster and faster using every bit of her strength.
His lips curled up in a wry grin. “Try sucking on it,
that should work.”

Marisa broke eye contact and stared at the huge head of
his cock. Her lips parted and she leaned slightly
forwards, but then she came to her senses. “No way,
Flex. I’m your friend’s wife, remember?”

“Let me see them titties then. That should help me get

Marisa frowned. His hand was already in her long red
hair, not waiting for permission, he pulled the string
around the back of her neck. Then his hand slid down her
back, touching her skin until it found the string around
her back. He pulled that loose and her top fell to the

“Damn Isa, dems some big white titties.”

Marisa flushed so much she thought her skin might turn
as red as her hair. Her nipples were as hard as she’d
ever seen them, so big and pointy, her entire areola had
puffed up with them. Her areola had always been a faint
rose color that blended in with her skin, but since her
pregnancy, the nipple itself had turned a darker angry
red. Worse, the sunlight made her red nipples glisten
where her mother’s milk was leaking from them. Little
jets of milk shut out suddenly as he gazed on them. She
turned her attention back to his cock and her rapidly
tiring arms.