“Let’s lay down.”

“Alright,” she said, releasing his cock. She sat back on
her ass as Flex sat down on the blanket and laid on his
back. It was a large blanket, but Flex was so tall, most
of his legs were in the sand. She reached over for his
cock without being told to and started stroking him
again. They were positioned in a way that had her
kneeling by his head with her right hip near his head.

Now she was leaning over his stomach, her large
pendulous breasts swinging like udders underneath her.
Her nipples scraped across his hard stomach. Suddenly a
jolt of pleasure shot up from her nipple and coursed
through her entire body. “What are you doing?” she

Flex had slid his hand up and cupped her breast,
pinching a nipple. “Gotta let me play with these. It’ll
get me off faster.”

“Oh god!” she muttered, trying not to moan. She couldn’t
bring herself to tell him to stop, it felt too good. His
hand was kneading the tip of her breast. Damn! He was
milking her. She could feel her milk laden breast squirt
some fluid into the palm of his hand. His hand
disappeared and she heard a sucking sound. He was
tasting her mother’s milk! She didn’t even let John do

Flex leaned on his side a little so that he was facing
her body. The hand returned only this time, it found the
back of her thigh. Marisa summoned her strength and
started jerking him off faster, desperate to get him
off. His strong black hand slid up her nearly bare ass
cheek. It found the string across her hips and she felt
him pinch the knot. “Panties stay on!” she gasped,
moving her hands faster. She glanced back. His dark
black hand moved from her panties to her sides, down her
ass and thigh. The contrast against her white skin was
exciting. She felt stupid for putting the latex gloves
on, but at least she wasn’t actually touching his giant

His hand worked around the back of her leg to her
interior thigh. He could feel her wetness now and she
flushed again with embarrassment. Cum dammit! She
thought, trying to will his cock to explode. She
trembled in lustful shock when his finger pushed against
her bikini bottom. The tip teased her, slowly working
its way up and down her wet slit. Marisa couldn’t help
herself. Her mind tried to pull away from that teasing
finger, but her body pushed back into it and the tip of
his finger pushed her bikini bottom inside her needy
pussy about half an inch. She was so horny. This time
Marisa moaned and sucked her lower lip into her mouth in
an attempt to stifle it. She switched hands again. Was
it her imagination or was his cock swelling larger?

Marisa started humping the black man’s finger much to
her shame. He pulled it back and for a brief moment, she
felt he might be showing her some sympathy, but he was
only working his finger into edge of her panty bottom.
His free hand squeezed her breast again, pinching her
nipple just as the finger in her crotch slid past her
bikini bottom and pushed deep in her wet pussy. It slid
up to the knuckle with a loud squishing sound. “Damn,
Marisa, your pussy is like a furnace.” She had the bare
fingers of a black man in her pussy and a a bare black
hand squeezing her breast. It was too much for Marisa.
She gasped and came all over his finger.