He pulled it back, but immediately replaced it with two
fingers. He started finger fucking her. Her orgasm had
been the first in months. Marisa’s mouth opened wide as
she moaned in absolute pleasure. His finger fucking
forced her head down, right over his hard cock head. She
tried to pull back, but he pinched her nipple hard again
and she kept her mouth open as he started bucking his
hips. The big round head of his cock kept working its
way in and out of her mouth, pushing against the back of
her throat. Marisa pushed her head down over it
willingly now, thanking him for the orgasm. The huge
cock felt like it might explode at any moment and it
did. Flex bellowed and his hot cum started pouring down
this married mom’s throat.

Marisa didn’t even like physically touching him and now
his penis was ejaculating sperm down her throat. She
pulled back, her mouth swelling with semen until her
cheeks bulged. She swallowed a load, surprised that his
protein rich sperm didn’t taste all that bad. As her
cheeks bulged out a second time and sperm began to
dribble down her chin, his cock head sprang free of her
mouth and she got a blast of hot semen in her face.

She pushed herself up off the blanket, his wildly
spurting cock covering her breasts and chest with yet
more sperm. Cum had coated one of her eyes and she
opened the other. Flex was holding his cock up and it
looked like a long black volcano. Sperm was still
shooting up from it about an inch only to fall back onto
the head to drip down the shaft like hot lava. She could
even fancy that she could see his heavy scrotum jerking
at it pumped out more semen this one time then her
husband had probably cum in his entire life.

Flex had kept his fingers in her pussy and when she had
pulled back, it only served to push them deeper.
She moaned as he worked them in and out. “That was
fantastic Isa. You need to let me repay the favor. Lie
down on the blanket.” He pulled his fingers out and slid
off to the side of the blanket.

“W-what are you going to do?” she asked. Marisa moved to
kneel on the blanket.

“I’m gonna eat that white pussy until you cum as hard as
I did.” He grabbed one thigh and pushed her back.
“You think my fingers felt good. Wait until my tongue
gets in there. I’ll need to take those bottoms off.”

Marisa’s good eye was wide open. She wanted this. Needed
this. “Alright, go ahead.” She rationalized that it
would be safe without her panty as he’d just cum and it
would be a long time before that big cock of his got
hard again.

He grinned at her and used both hands to untie the
strings of her bikini bottoms. “Look at that red haired
pussy,” he said as her crotch was revealed. She shaved
it in a long strip, shaving the sides to fit in the