Her pussy tended to be quite bushy and the strip from
her clit up to her lower stomach was a healthy patch of
red hair. He positioned her ass on the edge of the
blanket as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs
open. She lay back in the sand. Flex was squatting
between her legs on the rest of the blanket.

He didn’t want his wet cock in the sand. Marisa could
see his mighty phallus sticking straight out, dripping
his seed. She was surprised at how large it remained
after cumming. John’s tended to shrink pretty fast. Then
Flex’s cock disappeared as he lowered it to the blanket,
his head approaching her hairy crotch.

Marisa had never found Flex attractive. She didn’t like
African features and Flex looked very African. She
didn’t like his dark skin and though she liked fit men,
Flex’s bodybuilder’s frame looked unnatural to her going
beyond fit. Still, as his ugly face drew closer to her
pussy until she felt his hot breath on her genitals, she
couldn’t look away. When the first flick of his tongue
hit her labia, she shuddered and spread her legs wider
for him. The tip of his tongue touched her anus and then
pushed hard against her crotch as he licked up, wiggling
his tongue between the folds of her labia and then
flicking it over her clit.

She moaned loudly when he suddenly sucked her entire
clit between his lips. Flex then attacked her needy
pussy with gusto. Marisa had never felt anything so good
before. He licked and sucked her pussy, sometimes using
his tongue as a cock fucking her with it. Before she
knew it, her belly began undulating downwards as her
hips lifted slightly off the blanket into his thrusting
tongue. An orgasm was growing, getting bigger, her world
exploded as she came all over his mouth.

Flex had kept his promise, but he wasn’t done with her
yet. Marisa hadn’t completely recovered from her orgasm
when she felt his fingers entering her again. Flex’s two
fingers were as big as John’s penis, but they felt
better, more flexible and he was moving the tips around
deep in her pussy. His mouth hadn’t slackened off
either. He was still teasing her clit, tongue twirling
around it, flickering up and down over it. “Oh god!
Flex, I’m going to cum again!”

Pressure was growing inside her pussy. Marisa was
tensing up, lifting her hips up into his fingers and
mouth. Her hands were on the blanket, squeezing handfuls
of sand through the cloth. Flex let the pressure build
until finally he sucked the entire nub of her clit
between his lips and sucked hard.

“Aaaahhhhh!” screamed Marisa as she came. She was so
loud, passersby on the beach path might have heard her,
but she was beyond caring at that point. She’d never cum
so hard or so powerfully before. Her eyes rolled up in
her head and the pleasure left her dizzy. Her nipples
ached with need as they’d both leaked milk as she came.