Marisa smiled with satisfaction as she recovered. Flex
was still teasing her pussy with his fingers, but now it
was just the tips. His tongue had moved up the side of
her bush, then the top of her bush and over the slight
mound beneath her belly button. His tongue pushed into
her navel just as his fingers left her pussy, his hand
moving through her bush, over her hip and up over her
ribs to grab her left breast and pinch her nipples.

He quit tonguing her belly button, kissed it, and then
proceeded to kiss up the line above her stomach, over
her rib cage and then up her right breast. He planted a
kiss right on her nipple, flickering it with his tongue
before sucking it between his lips just as he had done
with her clitoris. She felt some relief from the
pressure in her breasts as milk emptied through her
nipple into his mouth.

Despite recently having an orgasm, well two actually…
wait, she had three since they’d laid down on the towel.
Marisa came so rarely, that she estimated she’d only had
three orgasms over the last two years and now she’d had
three in less than an hour. The last one had been the
biggest of her life.

Well, despite all that, laying beneath the strong man
with his fingers teasing one nipple and her other nipple
in his mouth had her body getting aroused again. It was
too much for the neglected wife. Marisa caught herself
writhing beneath him, lifting her hips up into him in
the natural act of the female to receive the dominant

Flex’s mouth left her nipple and he kissed up her
pendulous breast to her shoulder. Marisa moaned slightly
as his mouth reached her neck. She knew his ugly face
was approaching her mouth to kiss her, but instead of
turning away, she closed her eyes and parted her lips as
his mouth met hers. She tried to pretend it was John
kissing her so passionately, but the only image her mind
could produce was of black muscles, black skin, and
giant spurting black cock.

She didn’t resist as his tongue entered her mouth and
her own tongue began dueling with it. Flex arched his
back, his fingers pinching her nipple. His fingers
returned to her pussy, the tips teasing her slit,
growing wet with her arousal, pushing into her, a big
round knob the size of a golf ball parting her labia and
pushing her pussy lips inside, stretching her out like
her insides had never been stretched out before.

Marisa opened her eyes in alarm, then closed them again
when she saw the black man’s ugly flat nose before her
face. She kept kissing him even as his cock worked in
and out of her pussy, using her own arousal to lubricate
it before pushing deeper. Any anxiety that she’d felt
knowing they were now fucking disappeared after a few
seconds to be replaced with awe at this man’s stamina.
In her limited experience, no man had ever gotten erect
again on the same day let alone within an hour of
cumming once before. She’d never even considered it a