She knew that she should push him off, but instead her
legs opened wider for him making it easier for his cock
to go deeper. Her unease had disappeared and now her awe
was fading as her lust grew. There would be no more
thinking, there would only be fucking and she told him
so. “Fug meh,” she moaned into his lips.

Flex moved his mouth off hers. “What was that?” he

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

“You want me to fuck you with my big black cock,” he
said, his lips close to her ear.

“Yes!” she gasped, raising her hips rapidly into his
cock as he held it still.

“As you wish,” he replied, adjusting his body directly
over her. He hovered over her, his back bent, strong
hands grabbing the sides of her head. He kissed her
forehead and then began to pump his cock in and out of
her. She’d taken about a third of the long thick shaft
at this point. It wasn’t quite as deep in her as John
could go, but the additional thickness made it feel
deeper. Soon it was deeper as each thrust of his cock
sent the head further into her pussy. Soon it was as
deep as her husband had ever been on those days when
John had a good erection. Soon after that, it was in
virgin territory. Marisa wrapped her arms around his
back. Her blue gloved hand’s squeezing his back as she
also wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Aarghhh!!” she gasped in pain-pleasure as his cock head
knocked on her cervix. The entrance to her womb was a
weak barrier to the mighty battering ram that was his
black cock. The pain grew as his huge cock head forced
its way into her womb, then disappeared as she orgasmed
for a fourth time that day. From here on out, there was
only pleasure. She leaned up and kissed his hard black
chest, submissively.

Flex bucked his hips hard, slamming his cock rapidly
into her pussy at a pace that would have had most men
cumming within a minute. There was a loud constant
squishing sound each time he buried his cock in her
pussy. Marisa fucked him back as best she could,
clinging to his body and bringing her hips up into each
thrust of his cock. He pounded her to a fifth orgasm and
then a sixth that was as big as the one he’d given her
while going down on her. This was exactly what she had
been needing for over a year now. Finally, her sexual
needs were getting satisfied.

Flex finally slowed, but he was just changing positions.
He pushed himself off her and sat back on his knees. He
cupped his arms under her knees. Marisa looked up at
him, then glanced away.

“Look at me,” he ordered.

She turned to look at him. His dark African features
weren’t as ugly to her anymore. They were still brutish,
but they were masculine too. He slowly moved his hips
back, his long twelve inch plus cock, slowly slipping
out of her. With a wet, plop, the head sprang free of
her pussy. He pushed his hips forwards and his cock
moved up her crotch and stomach, the head passed her
belly button.