“You wanna keep fucking?” he asked, staring hard at her.

Marisa nodded in reply.

“Then you put it in.”

Marisa leaned up, her gloved hand sliding between their
bodies to grab the head. She caressed the knob and then
slid down the shaft. She leaned up further as Flex
pulled his cock back and she could bend it down so that
the head was at the entrance to her pussy.

“Put that black cock where it belongs, Isa.” he ordered.

Marisa put the cock head right on her pussy and pulled
on the shaft. “YESSS!” she moaned as the head pushed
back into her.

Inch after inch slid through her hand as his cock pushed
deeper. “YESSS!!!” she moaned again, releasing his shaft
and falling back down on the blanket.

“John ever fuck you this good, Isa?” he asked, leaning

“Never,” she muttered. Flex’s cock head pushed right
through into her womb, easily this time. He held it
still, flexing the muscles and making his cock jerk, but
holding it buried in her.

“This is how a real man fucks,” he told her, finally
starting to work his cock a little. “Whose cock do you
like better?”

“Your cock, Flex,” she told him truthfully. Minutes ago,
she hadn’t wanted to look at him. Now she couldn’t take
her eyes off him. His sexy muscles glistened with sweat.

“What kind of cock is it, Isa?”

His eyes bored into hers. Her body shuddered. “Black
cock,” she told him. “I love your black cock.” Her pussy
suddenly spasmed and her nipples ached as milk leaked
from her swollen nipples. For a moment, she felt she’d
just cum again, but her pussy had only sent a fresh wave
of juices over the mighty black cock sliding in and out
of her pussy.

“Glad you like it,” said Flex, lifting her knees higher
until her ass lifted slightly off the blanket. “Your
body’s built for big black cock.” He started slamming
his cock into her faster.

Marisa felt another orgasm growing. She’d never been
fucked this hard or fast before. John would have cum a
long time ago. She felt a strong urge to touch his
chest. Marisa moved her hands up to his chest, feeling
his hard pectorals beneath her gloves. How ridiculous,
she thought looking at the blue latex. She pulled her
hands back and pulled off the gloves as fast as she
could, tossing them to the side.

She brought her hands back to his chest, the second her
bared flesh touched his chest, the orgasm broke. “Aaagh!
Your black cock’s making me cum,” she cried.

Marisa slid her hands all over his chest and muscular
arms, through his sweat. How had she ever thought that
this was unattractive. Flex’s muscles had muscles,
muscles she’d never heard of. She shuddered with desire
as she stared at her pale white hands against his dark
black skin. There was only one sight she’d ever seen
sexier than her hands running over his chest and upper
arms and that sight was further down his body. Marisa
sat up so that she could stare at the glistening shaft
coming up out of her pussy only to piston back in.