She fancied she could see his large cock head bulging
out her skin as it worked its way deep into her womb.
She stared with fascination at the thrusting black cock
until she felt Flex’s hot breath on her face. She turned
her head up to look upon his handsome face before their
lips met and they kissed again as the black man slowly
kept fucking the married white mom. He broke the kiss.
“Who owns this pussy?” he asked.

“You do Flex,” she replied, kissing his again. Marisa
gasped and sucked his large lower lip into her mouth as
she came all over his cock. She had lost count of all
the orgasms he’d given her.

Flex broke the kiss and sat back on his legs. His mighty
thews lifted her knees raising her ass even higher. He
began bucking his hips hard. His cock sliding rapidly in
and out of her pussy. “You on the pill?”

“Aaah aah aah! No!” Marisa gasped each time his cock
bottomed out in her pussy. “Aaah! Need to pull out.”

“Good,” he growled, picking up speed.

Jesus! She was going to cum again and it was going to be
a big one. Marisa’s toes curled as the pressure grew.
White drops of milk formed on her nipples, until
rivulets started flowing down onto her breasts. Flex
suddenly buried his cock, the first powerful jet of his
fertile sperm striking the back of her womb.

“NO!” she screamed, realizing that he was cumming in
her. “Pull out!”

His cock spurted a second time and the damn broke. Her
pussy contracted all over the still spurting cock,
pulling his semen deeper inside her. He finally realized
his mistake and began to withdraw his cock with her
pussy muscles milking every inch of the thick shaft for
more of his sperm as he withdrew it.

Marisa missed his cock the moment the fat head cleared
the opening of her pussy. She looked at that dark black
knobby head even as his long urethra opened and spit
another long strand of his seed that struck her chin and
left a trail all the way down to her bushy red pubes. He
thrust his cock up over her belly, ribbons of cum
hitting her face, chest, breasts, and ribs.

Finally, it quit shooting, but sperm continued to pour
from the tip in a white stream that splattered on her
belly and began to form a pool in her navel. She
wondered if there was such a thing as hyper-ejaculation.
If so, Flex suffered from it. “Damn that was great,
Isa,” said Flex, rising to his feet. “I’ve been wanting
to do that since the first time I set eyes on that milky
white skin of yours.” He held his hand out. She took it
and he pulled her to her feet.

Yech, she thought looking down at her sperm covered
body. There was so much semen, she prayed that he had
only cum a little in her pussy, but she knew that wasn’t
the truth. Even as she wished it so, a stream of his
seed was leaking from her pussy and dripping of her
clit. What wasn’t leaking felt like it was trapped in
her womb behind her cervix. “Ass! Why’d you cum in me?”