“What?” he looked hurt. “You told me there was no need
to pull out?”

“I told you, No, you need to pull out.”

“Sorry babe, but what’s done is done. When can we fuck

Marisa looked down at his cock, still swollen and huge.
It wasn’t proudly sticking up any more, but it was still
hard and sticking a good twelve inches straight out from
his curly black pubic hairs. A large pearl of white
semen had formed around the urethra. In a day of
uncharacteristic behavior, Marisa did one more
uncharacteristic thing. She squatted down and planted
her parted lips right over his cock head, gripping the
base with one hand and squeezing her hand up along the

She milked it of the last bit of sperm still stuck in
his shaft and was rewarded with a small squirt of his
seed across her tongue. She opened her mouth wide and
took the head in her mouth, letting her tongue twirl all
around it before pulling back and planting a long kiss
right on the tip. “That was the best ever,” she said
looking up at him. “And your cock’s amazing.”

The head had risen a little and was now angles upwards.
Marisa rose to her feet and looked deep into his brown
eyes. “But this can never happen again. I can’t risk
John finding out. It has to be a one shot deal.”

“No way,” said Flex, smirking at her. “I own this pussy
and I’m gonna have it any time I want.”

“Flex, I only said that because you seem to get off on
the dirty talk. This never happened.”

Flex suddenly looked over her shoulder at something.
“Isa, turn around.”

Marisa turned around. “What?” she asked, not seeing
anything. Flex strong hands came to rest on her
shoulder. Instead of turning her to look at whatever it
was he was seeing, they started applying pressure.
“Flex?’ she asked, as her legs gave way and he pushed
her down to her knees. He moved a hand to her back and
pushed her forwards. She caught herself with her hands.
He then grabbed her hips and pulled up until she got on
all fours.

Before Marisa, knew what was happening, his cock was
slipping back in between the folds of her pussy lips.
She moaned, her pussy and his previous deposit of sperm
quickly lubricating his reinvigorated cock. Flex fucked
her hard, pulling her hips back into each thrust of his
cock. “How ’bout this Isa? Is this happening? You glad
I’m fucking you again?”

“Oh god! YES! Keep fucking me Flex. I love your cock.”

SMACK! His palm fell hard on one ass cheek, causing her
body to jump and leaving a red mark. “This is what it
means to own a pussy, bitch. I’m gonna fuck this pussy
whenever I want.”

Marisa sobbed as she came all over his cock as the
stinging of her ass cheek slowly faded. “Yes Flex, you
can fuck me whenever you want.”