SMACK! His palm hit her other ass cheek, but not quite
as hard. “I wasn’t asking. I was telling.”

Marisa came again after her second spanking. She began
to feel there was something wrong with her. Surely, it
wasn’t natural for a woman’s body to respond like this?
But then she had never encountered a male with such a
dominant personality before. Flex was certainly popular
with the ladies so others must get off on this just as
much as she was.

Marisa felt one hand leave her hip and she feared he
might be about to correct her again. The hand returned
to her but cheek, but it didn’t come down hard to spank
her. It just squeezed a handful of her ass flesh.
Something flickered across her anus. It quickly
returned, pushing down against her rosebud. “Flex?”

“Shut up!” he told her, pushing his thumb against her
anus until it opened and his thumb pushed inside.

Just as her mind registered what was happening and she
thought that this wasn’t normal or natural, her body
began to respond to his thrusting cock and the thumb in
her ass. She came again as he pushed his thumb inside
her up to the knuckle. Flex just held his thumb inside
her, pulling her hips into his thrusting cock.

Marisa’s strength gave out and her head fell on the
blanket. Her ass staying up and presenting itself to the
male taking her. There was no kissing or foreplay this
time. It was simply a dominant male taking a female for
his pleasure so that he could get off. Luckily, for her
abused pussy, the rapid speed of his thrusting cock had
him cumming quicker than the last time.

He stabbed forward with his cock and once again filled
her womb with a large load of semen. He shot several
more jets of sperm into her womb before pulling his cock
out and letting fly on her back. When he was nearly
done, Flex leaned over her and stroked out a few more
wads into her ass crack.

Marisa moaned with satisfaction. She’d had another
powerful orgasm when he shot his second load inside her.
She’d just cum a lifetimes worth of orgasms in a little
over an hour. She mumbled something.

“What was that?” asked Flex.

“Please fuck me again,” she said, pushing herself back
up on all fours.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Flex pulled his
swim trunks back on. “You’re a mess. Better get back to
the cabin and wash yourself off nice and good. I’ll go
keep the rest of the gang at the beach for a bit.”

He disappeared into the bushes and quickly jogged off.

Marisa weakly rose to her feet. He was right. She was a
mess. He’d marked her well with his seed. She had semen
on her face, chest, breasts, belly, it matted her pubic
hair, covered her thighs and now she had a fresh deposit
sliding down her back. The first load had liquefied and
was runnier. She looked down at the blanket, but it
wouldn’t be of any use. Sperm had dripped all over it
and the motions from their fucking had gotten sand all
over it. She didn’t have much choice other than to high
tail it back to the shower.