Marisa tried not to watch, but she found herself staring
as Candace ran her hands all over Flex’s chest. He held
his arms out, making those biceps that had graced a half
dozen magazine covers already. His biceps might nearly
be as big as Candace’s waist. How could she stand
touching a black guy? Candace didn’t seem to mind at
all. It wasn’t sexual either. Candace was just one
gorgeous model helping out another model.

The blonde was very white, though she tanned easily and
was already turning darker. She wasn’t as white as
Marisa’s pale skin, but still Marisa stared at the
contrast on Candace’s white body superimposed before the
hulking dark black skinned man. Other than for a few
strategically placed strips of cloth, Candace was all
but completely nude. Her bare ass was facing Marisa, now
the blonde was behind the giant black man, her perky
breasts pressing into his back as she ran her slick
hands up his back. Marisa’s eyes roamed down to the
black man’s baggy shorts.

A long tubular object caused the material to bulge out
as it swung between his legs. The end nearly reached the
black man’s knees and the bottom of his long beach
shorts. That outline certainly didn’t look like he
stuffed his pants with socks! It appeared to get bigger
under her gaze and Marisa quickly took her eyes off it.
She looked up to find Shane was staring at her even as
Candace finished coating his body with lotion. Marisa
looked away with embarrassment, hoping he didn’t think
she was trying to check out his junk.

Candace sat back down while the three men went into the
water. Grant and John waded far out and then started
swimming with their masks on, breathing through their
snorkels. Flex wasn’t much of a swimmer, but he liked
the water. He waded out up to his thighs and watched the
two white husbands swim around.

“So, I heard you having a little fun last night,” said

Candace rolled over on her stomach and untied her top.
“Damn! You heard all that? Not much privacy this
weekend. Hope we didn’t disturb you.”

“Didn’t last long enough to disturb me,” replied Marisa.

“Kiss my ass, Marisa,” replied Candace, sitting up. She
was facing the water where Marisa was laying on her back
facing the other direction. “I didn’t hear anything
coming from your cabin except for Jack crying.”

“Sorry. Sorry. I said that without thinking. Truth is a
few minutes is better than nothing at all.”

“I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to snap. Grant’s a horny
devil and we have sex almost every night, but dear god
does he lack stamina. Just as I’m starting to get into
it, he grunts, fills his condom, and rolls over with a
smile on his face.”

“Have you tried maybe doubling up on the condoms?”

“We’ve tried everything. Girlfriend, if it wasn’t for my
dildo, I’d go crazy. Why just the other night…”