Marisa quickly put her skimpy bikini back on, tying the
strings as fast as she could. She retrieved the bottle
of baby oil and shoved it over her ass cheek between her
bikini bottom. The blanket was a disgusting mess so she
decided to abandon it there leaving it with her latex
gloves and the old condom.

Marisa snuck out down the path to the beach trail. She
looked down to the beach. Candace was lying on her back
on a blanket. Flex was standing over her. He was holding
Jack, rocking her baby in his arms. John and Grant were
still out snorkeling. Marisa hurried up the path to
their trailers and froze when she saw two young men
making their way towards her. She was covered in sperm
and some of it was even starting to dry and flake. She
did the first thing that came to mind as they

That morning Marisa had found it distasteful to even hug
the strong black man. She had insisted on wearing latex
gloves to jerk him off Now she found herself rubbing his
sperm into her body. She started with the tops of her
breasts and then moved on to the remains of the pool
that had been in her belly. The men froze when they saw
her. Their eyes bulging as they took in the sight of her
hot body in the skimpy bikini. “Hi,” she said, trying
not to look guilty. Her hand running up and down her arm
covering her skin with liquefied semen.

“Need any help with that?” asked one of the men, a cocky
grin on his face.

“No thanks,” she replied. “I got it covered.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, a woman as fair skinned as you really needs to
make sure she’s well protected,” added the other man.

“I could get your back for you?”

Marisa felt a wad of semen slide down her cheek. She
quickly brought her hand up and began rubbing it into
her face. “Mighty nice of you to offer guys, but my
husband’s right up on the beach there.” She hoped they’d
take the hint. They did.

“Alright then, if you’re sure. See ya.” said the cocky
one. The two men left.

Marisa turned and practically ran back to their
trailers. She decided to just hop into the outside beach
shower. The hot water hit her body and she began to soap
all the sperm off her. As she lathered up her body, she
wondered what the rest of this weekend might bring. She
closed her eyes, holding her head under the water, her
mind filled with pictures of black muscles and big black
cocks. Her hand slid the soap down between her thighs to
her crotch as she thought of Flex.