“I’ve only had sex several times since Jack was born,”
interrupted Marisa, shutting Candace up. Clearly Candace
was getting something off her chest and she had a
tendency to make everything about herself.

“John’s never had a high sex drive even before I got
pregnant, but since the baby was born it’s fallen to
almost nothing and to make matters worse I took hormone
injections to help me get pregnant and they’ve made me
horny all the time.”

“Girl, I’m gonna get you a dildo. Trust me, the thing
works wonders for relieving stress. I tried everything,
praying, speaking with my pastor, and a marriage
councilor. The marriage councilor recommended some
marital aids and increasing the amount of foreplay we
do, but Grant has never been much for giving, though he
enjoys receiving.”

“Too much information.”

“Sorry, I’ve been wanting a friend to talk to about this
for a long time. I tried to talk to Lola, but apparently
Flex is some kind of horse hung superman of sex and she
couldn’t empathize.”

Bah! If he was so good, why’d she leave him? John told
me steroids made his dick small and he stuffs his pants
with socks.”

“Ha ha ha!” laughed Candace. “John’s insecure. Both our
husbands walked in on Flex having sex back in their frat
house. Grant told me how hung Flex was the day I met the
big black lug. Lola told me Flex’s penis was like a
black iron bar more than a foot long.”

“BULL! But, speaking of Lola,” said Marisa sitting up.
“I should send her a quick message.” Marisa reached out
for her bag and cell phone. She flipped open the phone
and briefly glanced up. Their husbands were still
swimming, but Flex was standing watching the women. “No
man has a foot long p…” Marisa couldn’t help noticing
the large tubular bulge pressing against his swimsuit. A
foot must be an exaggeration, but it was definitely big.
“The big guy’s eyeballing us.”

“I know. I’ve been watching him through my sunglasses.”
Candace arched her back, her breasts lifting off the

“CANDACE! You just flashed him.”

“No harm teasing him a little.”

“Is that the way a good church going girl should

Candace chuckled, pretending to adjust herself and then
settled down on her stomach again. “Tie my top for me.”

Candace leaned over and tied Candace’s bikini top.
Candace then rolled over. “When you do what I do, you
get used to showing skin. I’d be nude if it were legal.
Besides, you’re one to talk, you aren’t covering up much
in that skimpy thing.”

Marisa blushed which tended to turn everything from her
chest up red. “I kind of outgrew my bikini.”
She peeked at the big black man standing down by the
river. He was still staring, but it wasn’t Candace he
was looking at and Marisa couldn’t tell if he’d even
noticed her little show. He was staring at Marisa.
Marisa glanced down at her bottoms.