She was sitting up with her knees bent and legs spread.
She could see the entire outline of her labia through
the tight bikini bottom. She quickly closed her legs in
horror. Marisa turned around, not wanting to look at
him, but presenting her ass to the black man and giving
him another good beaver shot. She lowered herself down
to the blanket, front first, her ass the last to slide
down. She sent a quick message off to Lola: Sorry to
hear about you and Shane. Wish you were here.

It wasn’t long thereafter, Jack woke up hungry. Marisa
sat up and picked her son up, covering her breasts with
a towel as he started feeding. “Damn it!” she

Candace glanced down and saw Marisa remove her hand from
under the towel. It was covered with milk.
“Jack got bad aim or something?”

“No, he’s happily sucking. It’s my condition. Sometimes
when he starts sucking the other nipple shoots out

“What exactly is hyper-lactation?”

“My body produces more milk then my baby needs. It
sometimes leaks or sprays a lot,” explained Marisa.
Candace nodded her head in understanding. “Sometimes
Jack can’t keep up with it and other times he gets so
much, he’s gassy all the time.”

“How did you get it?”

“Every woman has milk producing glands called Alveoli.
Each breast has around 100,000 to 300,000 glands. Larger
breasts have more glands. Apparently I have 400,000 to
500,000.” Candace whistled. “I know,” said Marisa. “I
took hormone injections to get pregnant and they appear
to have my breasts working overtime producing milk in
addition to making me horny all the time.”

“I guess that can get pretty messy, huh?”

“Messy and embarrassing. They leak and squirt all the
time. It started before Jack was born and I had to go
out on maternity leave from the law firm early. The men
there had a pool going on how long it would take my
breasts to start leaking after I got to work. They soak
through everything, pads, bras, sweaters. It doesn’t
matter. It’s horrible.”

“I’m sorry honey,” said Candace, putting her arm around
the breast feeding mom.

“And to top it all off, John’s the one with the low
sperm count and I’m the one that had to take the hormone
injections. Now my nipples are ultra sensitive, I’m
horny all the time and John’s been acting weird since
the baby was born. I never should have let him watch me
give birth.”

“There there honey. Everything will work out fine.”
Candace looked up. Here come the boys.”

Grant and John came back up to dry off and eat a snack.
Grant looked uncomfortable and turned his back on the
breast feeding woman even though he couldn’t see
anything. “Where’s Flex?” asked Candace.

“He saw some girls in bikinis down the beach and walked
down to meet them. Looked like jailbait to me,”
responded Grant.