Jack was soon full and happily asleep. Marisa laid him
down and then fixed her bikini top. She took the towel
off and then adjusted the bikini cups to cover her
nipples a little better. She stood up and started
applying liberal doses of sunscreen to her fair skin
again. Soon her body was slick and glistening in the
sunlight. “Well Jack should be out for awhile. Candace,
if you can keep an eye on him, I think I’ll take a walk
down the beach. John want to come with me?”

“Aww, sorry honey. We saw a baby manta ray by a group of
coral and I wanted to take the underwater camera out to
see if I could get a picture.”

“Fine. I’ll go alone then.” Marisa walked down to the
water and set off down the beach. She wished John had
come along with her, they didn’t get much time alone
since Jack was born. A smile slowly spread across her
face. She didn’t get much time alone period. This was
nice. It was quiet, mostly private, sunny and warm with
a lovely view. The beach wasn’t crowded, but she did
pass an RV pulled over with a pair of married seniors.
The husband glanced at her, then did a double take,
pausing to stare at her body.

The wife didn’t notice and Marisa gave him a friendly
wave. Suddenly, her private little walk was ruined when
a humongous black figure stood up from where he was
sitting under some palm trees. “Flex?” she asked,
curious. “What are you doing out here?” She noticed the
straining bulge under his swimwear and tried not to
stare, but it was hard not to look at something so
obvious. Though to be fair, he was staring full on at
her breasts and she knew the exercise probably had made
her nipples leak.

“Just had to get away,” he said, shaking his head while
holding his face down.

“Oh Shane,” said Marisa. She fought her distaste and
reached out to touch the black man on his bicep. It was
hard and smooth. “Are you missing Lola?”

“Yes,” he sobbed. Flex then surprised her. Her quickly
wrapped his huge arms around her and pulled her body
hard against his. It was like hitting a brick wall. Her
soft supple body pressing against him. Her heavy breasts
mashed against his hard abdominals. Marisa turned her
face with distaste away from his body. Her cheek pressed
against the chest of the much taller black man. She
could feel her oily body slippery against his sweaty
skin. His hard bulge pressed into her stomach. “It’s
hard watching you with John and Grant with Candy and not
think of my time with Lola. I miss her so much.”

“I’m sorry, Shane,” said Marisa, trying to extricate
herself from the black man’s strong embrace. His bulge
was pressing into her and appeared to be growing. She
began to wonder if it might be true about his penis
being more than a foot long. It was a monster. The head
was pushing into her belly button and it felt as big as
a golf ball. It was flexing as if it wanted release from
his swim trunks. She was able to back her bottom half
away from it a little.