“That’s your fault you know,” he said, finally releasing

Marisa stepped back. Rubbing against him had messed up
her bikini cup and dislodged part of her areola. Her
nipples were engorged and leaking. One had nearly sprung
free of her bikini top. She adjusted her cups trying to
hide her embarrassment. “What’s my fault?’

“That,” said Flex, pointing down at his crotch. Her eyes
followed his fingers down to the straining material.
“You made my cock hard, teasing me back there on the

“I did that?” Marisa couldn’t take her eyes off it.

The way you were teasing me Marisa. I haven’t had sex in
a month. I miss my wife and then you have to go teasing
me with that hot body of yours. I never thought you
could be so cruel.”

“I- I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. I’d never do
anything like that.”

“My big black cock is so swollen it hurts. What am I
going to do about it?”

“I don’t know. Go take care of it. That’s what men do,
right?” Not only were her nipples rock hard, but Marisa
began to realize her crotch was getting a little moist.
She didn’t like Flex, nor did she find his over muscled
torso attractive, but it had been so long for her, that
his attention was making her aroused.

“I haven’t done that since I was a teen. Now you done
gone and made my cock all big and hard. It hurts Marisa.
My balls are so swollen with sperm they’re fucking
killing me. Now I ask again, what am I going to do about

Marissa shrugged unable to take her eyes off his bulge.
“I don’t know, go ride into Key West and look for a
woman. Why are you asking me? I can’t help.”

“I need relief now and I am asking you, since this is
your fault. What are you going to do about it?”

He wasn’t asking what she thought he was asking, was he?
“Ah… what can I do?”

“Go back into the mangroves with me and take care of it
for me.”

“Shane! How dare you even ask such a thing. I’m married
to one of your best friends.” Just the thought was wrong
on so many levels. She was married, a new mom, he was
John’s friend, he was black. “I’m going back.” In a
huff, she turned to leave.

“Wait!” he called, anxiously and Marissa stopped,
looking at him over her shoulder. “If you won’t fuck me,
then how about a blow job?”

“No!” she exclaimed. God, he was so crude.

“Come on Marisa, a blow job ain’t cheating. Everyone
knows that.”

“I said no, now leave me alone.”

“A hand job then.”

Marisa stopped again. “What does that mean? You want me
to jerk you off?” She didn’t even like touching his
black skin and he was asking her to stroke off his