“Yes. That’s it. That’s all I want. Just give me a hand
job and I’ll leave you alone. Please Marisa, my cock
needs to get off so bad it hurts.” He waited until she
turned to stare at him, her eyes going to his swim
trunks. He grabbed his bulge and he could see her eyes
widen in disbelief at his size. “Please.”

In a strange way, she felt connected to Flex at that
moment. Her breasts were swollen and they’d start to
ache if they didn’t get relief. Maybe, Shane’s penis was
the same way? “If I do this, you’ll shut up.”

“I promise.”

Marisa stared down at his bulge, looking even more
swollen where he was squeezing the base through his
shorts. Why was she even considering this? It had been
so long since John had begged her for sex or since she’d
even seen his penis get hard with desire for her. John
loved her, but between work and the baby, he was just
too tired. God, she didn’t even like this man. But, she
couldn’t take her eyes off his bulge and the truth hit
her. She wanted to see his penis. Or, more specifically,
she wanted to see his big black cock. She wanted to see
it truly were a huge steel rod more than a foot long.
“Alright, I’ll do it,” she heard a voice that sounded
like hers say.

“Great. Come on let’s get off the beach.” Flex reached
for her hand.

“No, not here and only this one time and don’t you dare
tell anyone about this.”

“I promise, baby. Now where? Wanna meet me at the

“No, too dangerous we’ll get caught. Meet me on the
trail to the cabins from the beach. Tell the others you
saw me and I’m enjoying my walk. I’ll cut across the
island and meet you there.”

“Alright,” said the big black man. “And Marissa?”


“Hurry up.” He turned and started jogging up the beach.

“Fuck! What did I just agree to,” she said to herself.
Marisa cut across the island like she said she would.
She didn’t even like touching Shane’s black skin and
she’d just promised to jerk his cock off. She had a
solution to that problem. He wouldn’t like it, but she
wasn’t about to give him any choice. Her entire walk
back to her cabin, Marisa pictured herself holding a
foot long black cock in her hand. The last time, she’d
held John’s penis, it had been all floppy as she
furiously tried to get him excited enough to get hard.

She arrived at her cabin and entered it. Marisa moved
over to her cleaning supplies and retrieved her solution
to the skin on skin problem she found so distasteful.
She had an entire box of blue rubber gloves, she used
for cleaning. She withdrew a pair, as well as a bottle
of baby oil and then she thought a blanket might be a
good idea. As she exited her cabin, she saw Flex
approaching, a broad grin across his face. “I was
worried you might chicken out,” he said.