“I considered it, but I said I would do it and I will.
Consider this your lucky day. There are some rules
though. Where to?”

“Follow me. There’s a private sandy area just off the
main trail and we can keep an eye on any others in our
group walking past.”

“What did you tell them?” she asked, following him.

“I said that I saw you walking and you were going to be
a while. Then I told them, that I had to go take a

“Classy.” Marisa followed the large black man down the
trail almost to the point where she could make out
Candace laying on the beach. Flex then slipped between
two bushes and disappeared. She followed him into a
sandy area that was so perfect for a little private
fling, she wasn’t surprised when she saw an old used
condom laying off to the side half buried in the pebbly

Marisa tossed the blanket out on the sand. Flex noticed
the blue latex gloves. “What are those for?” he asked.

“I don’t want to touch your thingy or get any of your
semen on my hand, so I’m going to wear gloves.”


“I wear gloves and give you a hand job or no gloves and
the deal’s off,” she told him. Flex just held up his
hands in mock surrender. “Glad you agree. This is also a
onetime deal. It won’t happen again. It’s not happening
now. It never happened in the first place and we won’t
ever speak of it. Agreed?” She waited for him to nod
before continuing. “And if you ever tell anyone about
this, I’ll kill you. Understand?”

“Just get on with it,” said Flex, reaching down to the
waistband of his swimsuit and yanking them down.

Marisa involuntarily flinched expecting some big black
snake to rear out and strike at her, but she quickly
recovered. Flex wasn’t even naked under his swimsuit. He
was wearing the tight crotch hugging Speedo that he wore
when posing for weight lifting magazines. His enormous
cock was straining to break free of the tight material.
“Well what are you waiting for?” she asked. “Take it

“You take it out.”

“Fine.” Marisa shook her head in exasperation. She
kneeled on the blanket and reached down for the gloves.
She was pulling one on while Flex moved in front of her,
his bulging crotch right before her face.

When both gloves were securely on her hands, Marisa
reached up and tentatively moved her hands to the
waistband of his Speedo just like a nurse would when
about to examine a patient. She gingerly pinched the
waistband and pulled it out.

Flex’s cock seemed to uncoil a little and his huge cock
head slowly rose up and grew until nearly four inches of
cock was sticking out from the waistband reaching all
the way up to the belly button centered in his hard
muscular stomach. “Wow,” she muttered, pulling the
waistband out and down. His cock fell down like a felled
ebon colored redwood tree nearly smacking her on the
nose. Marisa reared her head back and stared at the
monster. “WOW!” she said again, more loudly.