“Like it?” asked Flex.

“No, I don’t like it, but it sure is huge!” she gasped,
feeling her heart racing. Flex’s cock was magnificent.
It was indeed longer than a foot long and thick too,
probably as big around as her wrist. Not only was his
size impressive, but the whole thing was simply
beautiful. His cock looked like it had been sculpted
from black granite. If it were even possible for a penis
to have muscles, Flex’s penis had muscles and as great
and gigantic as it was, it looked almost normal sticking
out from his sculpted body. The head was serpentine and
long, between two and three inches.

The flare was great, probably sticking out another half
inch above the shaft. Shane was a black man’s black man,
but his cock was even darker then his skin. It was so
swollen with blood, that his entire cock was nearly
blue-black and even purplish around the large veins
crisscrossing the shaft. Marisa felt her own fluids
begin dripping down her thighs as she stared at it. Her
body responding to some primal instinct. Maybe she did
like it.

“Well, it’s not going to jerk itself off,” said Flex

“No, I guess it isn’t,” she muttered. Marisa bent her
head looking for the bottle of baby oil and his cock
head smacked her in the forehead. She reared back from
it, reaching out for the baby oil. The lovely red-headed
wife and new mom flipped the nozzle on the bottle and
poured some into the latex covering her palm.

“You’re going to need more than that.”

Marisa looked at the big black cock again and nodded in
agreement. She lifted the bottle above the long shaft
and turned it upside down, letting oil fall along his
thick cock like she was squeezing mustard out over a
burnt foot long hot dog. When she felt it was good and
coated with oil, she dropped the bottle and reached out
for the big cock.

Her fingertips brushed his cock head and it leaped,
eager for her touch. Marisa finally wrapped her fingers
around it and began twisting her gloved hand along his
rod, coating every square inch with oil. The thin layer
of latex did little to hide how hard and powerful
Shane’s cock was. She could feel every bump, ridge, and
vein along his shaft. She could even feel the heat his
cock was giving off.

Marisa had run her hand along the entire thing and
figured she was ready to get this over with. She was
bringing her other hand up to steady his penis and for
the first time noticed how big his balls were. Her hand
slid down his shaft as she stared at his testicles. They
were sized for both Flex and Flex’s cock which is to say
they were huge.

Her hand stopped heading for the base of his shaft and
instead went over to cup his balls. Just one of Flex’s
testicles barely fit in her gloved hand. She could cup
John’s entire scrotum in one hand. She released it and
went back to stroking the giant black shaft with one
hand while steadying the base with her other hand.