“Damn! Isa, I still can’t get over how good you look,”
said Flex, lifting a beer to his lips and taking a swig.

Marisa blushed as she exited the trailer carrying jack.
The black man’s attention made her nipples harden and
she’d forgone wearing a bra. Grant’s eyes also fell on
the swollen protuberances beneath the sundress she’d
pulled on. The sundress was pretty and green, looking
good on her with her pale skin and red hair. It also
hugged her form showing off her sexy body where most of
her clothes tended to make her look chubby.

John ogled her too, a smirk on his face showing that he
was pleased his wife was the center of his male friends’

John finished setting up a portable play area and Marisa
strolled over and put Jack down in it. Their baby
immediately began crawling around and exploring. Grant
was sitting back in the courtyard enjoying his beer.
Candace was preparing their dinner, opening a bag of
chips, getting buns ready, etc. She was wearing her
bikini top and had a wrap around skirt on. The giant
black man was working two of the hibachi grills, cooking
hot dogs and hamburgers. He was shirtless, wearing only
shorts and flip-flops. The group had decided to lay off
the bars that night. Marisa felt a little guilty as she
worried it was because they didn’t want her to feel left
out watching the baby.

It turned out to be a fun evening. Dinner was good.
Marisa slowly nursed one beer while the others quickly
went through the case, empty cans forming an ever
growing pyramid. Flex whipped out a deck of cards and
the men began playing poker while Candace cleaned up and
Marisa went inside to put down the baby. She stepped
inside the trailer and lowered the straps on her dress.
She breathed a sigh of relief when the material cleared
her sensitive nipples. Jack latched on to one hungrily
and began sucking greedily. She sighed with contentment
as the pressure began to abate from her milk-laden

Marisa strolled over to the window and stared out at the
group playing cards. The window was high enough they
couldn’t see her bare breasts. Candace had joined in and
the foursome was laughing and drinking happily. Her eyes
rested on the big black man and stayed there. She
pictured it was Flex sucking her nipple instead of her
infant. Flex’s cock was in her hand as she stroked it.

Flex’s big cock was filling her mouth with his hot seed
as she leaned over it. Flex’s big black cock was pushing
inside, fucking her hard, making her cum, giving her the
best sex of her life as she kneeled before him, his big
black cock fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, his thumb
pushing past her rectum as his big black cock spurted
his hot fertile seed into her hungry womb.