“Prop your head up with a pillow.”

Marisa grabbed a pillow and moved it underneath her
head. Now the tip of his cock could actually slide past
her lips and into her mouth. She sucked the tip while he
shoved his giant cock between her breasts. Marisa looked
up at him. His huge torso with every muscle perfectly
defined. The giant black cock sticking out between his
legs now nested between her pale white breasts. How
could she have ever found this man unattractive?

His skin was dark black and he had negroid features and
too many muscles, but he was the sexiest manliest
looking male she’d ever seen. Marisa moaned and writhed
beneath him. She quickly had a small, but satisfying
orgasm as she looked up him. But it wasn’t just from
staring at him, her breasts were tingling sending spasms
of pleasure through her body, pleasure that was quickly
turning to lust as she wished he’d put his big beautiful
cock back in her horny white pussy.

The spasms were coming from her nipples. He’d adjusted
his hands so that he could pinch and squeeze her
sensitive erect nipples. He was squeezing both breasts
while pinching and rolling her nipple between his thumbs
and forefingers. Milk began shooting out from her
nipples. He was milking her breasts! He quickly pointed
her nipples towards each other, her mother’s milk
shooting out to fall between her cavernous breasts
coating his cock with her white fluid. His cock began
thrusting faster with the extra coating of lubricant.

Marisa writhed with lust trying to wriggle free of the
black man’s substantial weight. He held her down firmly.
She stared in awe at his cock. Milk was shooting about
an inch from the tips of her nipples to fall on his
shaft. The opaque white fluid nearly covered his cock
from the crowned black head to the base of his shaft.

The plump curved head of his cock head was retreating
into the cave of her breasts, then shooting forwards,
directly into her open mouth where she tried to run her
tongue all over it before it disappeared again. The head
was dribbling pre-cum, mixing with her milk each time it
disappeared into her breasts. His cock was almost
hypnotic and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. The head
even appeared to be growing, hardening, pumping up, and
swelling. His long urethra opened.

Marisa shut her eyes just as his hot seed sprayed out
over her face. The head entered her mouth, filling it
with cum, then exited, more sperm shooting across her
nose to her forehead. She swallowed, quickly opening her
mouth so the head could enter her again and fill her
mouth with another load of his seed.

He released her breasts and sat up a little. His semen
splattered on her pale breasts before he guided the tip
of his cock back into her mouth. She gulped contently,
while he stroked his shaft, draining it of every last
drop of cum.