“Wow,” she purred, licking her lips as Flex climbed off
her. That was just what I needed.”

“What do ya mean?”

“This is the best my breasts have felt in nine months.
They normally feel like they’re about to pop from the
pressure.” Marisa wiped the sperm off her eye lids until
she could open them. She slid off the bed and walked to
the bathroom, using a towel to clean her face off. Her
pale skin showed red marks easily and her breasts had
red hand prints across him, not to mention her lower
belly to her thighs were red from where he had sat on

She spun around. Her hips and ass had marks too from
where he had fucked her ass. She spread her cheeks and
could see a rivulet of white semen still flowing from
her ass hole to drip onto the floor of his bathroom.
It’s his mess, I’ll let him clean it up, she thought.
“Quite a day, huh?” she asked, feeling foolish when she
left his bathroom.

Flex laughed. “Looks like you done wore Flex junior
out,” he said, pointing to his cock.

She looked at the soft black banana dangling between his
legs. She snorted. “It’s still bigger then John’s”. Flex
laughed again. “I’m a bit of a mess. Can I use your

“Of course. Maybe, I’ll join you.”

“No way,” she said, staring at his cock. She swore it
had just extended an inch. “I need to get cleaned up.”

Just then the sounds of a baby complaining came through
the monitor.

“Shit!,” said Marisa. Jack was going to wake John up.
She grabbed the monitor and the dress and fled Flex’s
trailer, running nude past the picnic table. She snuck
into her trailer just as Jack’s complaining turned to a
full-fledged crying to be fed.

John groaned from the bed. “Isa! The baby.”

“I got him,” she reassured her husband. Marisa picked up
Jack which instantly helped calm him. She took him over
to the chair, grabbing some wet wipes from her bag and
cleaning the area around her nipples of any old milk or
remains of Flex’s semen which felt like it was covering
her entire upper torso, not to mention soaking her
thighs, and leaking out of her ass.

When she felt it was clean, she let Jack nurse. Her
milk-laden breasts did their job, satisfying the hungry
baby and soon putting him back to sleep. She replaced
him in the crib and stepped into the small shower in
their trailer. She spent the next twenty minutes trying
to remove every trace of her lovemaking with her
husband’s black friend from her body.

“God Isa, It’s 5:00am, what the fuck were you taking a
shower for?”

“Your son spit up on me,” she lied, slipping into bed
beside her husband.

“Oh god, my head hurts.” John finally shifted and joined
her under the covers. He snuggled up next to her. “I’m
so tired. What say we sleep in tomorrow?”