“No argument from me,” she replied.


John and Marisa didn’t get moving until late. Candace
and Grant knocked on the door asking if they wanted to
join them for breakfast, but John just groaned and
replied, “You’ll be lucky to see me by lunch.” They left
to go eat and judging by the loud roar of a motorcycle,
Flex must have gone to join them or gone for a bike ride
along the overseas highway. They returned an hour or so
later and announced they would be heading for the beach.

Jack was playful and active that morning so Marisa
didn’t get as much rest as she would have liked, but
then no new mother ever did. Marisa carried the baby
over to the bed and sat him down beside John while she
went to take another shower. She examined her nude body
in the bathroom. The red marks were gone, but she still
had some flaky semen on her thighs and in the crack of
her ass. She’d thought she’d gotten it all in her early
morning shower, but then this was probably leftovers
that had leaked out of her all night.

She showered and cleaned herself, brushed her hair and
teeth. She was a natural beauty and didn’t need makeup.
Marisa pulled the small bikini back on. It took her
twenty minutes to dress in her bikini and she wished
again that she’d thought to get a new one before this
trip. She had to stretch and adjust every inch of fabric
to cover her areola and pubes. It was so skimpy that if
they were on a more public beach, she might have been
arrested. She slipped her feet into flip-flops and took
Jack from her husband while John took a shower to wake

John came out of the bathroom nude. He grinned
sheepishly at her. John still looked exhausted and
tired. He hadn’t drunk like that for a long time maybe
even since their last get together with his frat
buddies. He was a good looking fit guy and she’d enjoyed
seeing him naked in the past, but now he looked rather
plain and the small two inch or so penis shrunken
between his legs looked rather sad and inadequate. John
opened his arms and hugged his wife. “Happy
anniversary,” he told her.

“Happy anniversary,” she replied. “I love you.”

“And I love you,” said John. He kissed her and she
kissed him back. She felt her husband reaching behind
her while they kissed and when he finally broke the
loving kiss, he pulled back and he had a box in his
hand. “Happy anniversary,” he said, holding it out for

Marisa smiled and took the gift. She opened the box and
gasped in delight. Inside was a gold necklace. The
pendant was shaped to resemble two adults, a bigger one
for the man and a smaller one for the woman. The woman
was holding a figure in her arms to represent a baby and
the baby had a small diamond where the heart would be.
“Oh John! I love it.”