“Let me put it on.” John took out the necklace as Marisa
spun around and held up her long red hair. He leaned
down and kissed the nape of her neck just above the
bikini string. Then he put the necklace on her.

“It’s wonderful,” said Marisa, looking at herself in the

“Let’s go show it off to the others.” John took their
beach bag and a chair and the crib, loading himself down
as all fathers do. Marisa slung the diaper bag over her
shoulder and collected Jack who promptly tried to put
the pendant in his mouth. “Looks like he’s hungry,” said

“He’s always hungry.” Marisa tugged on one bikini cup
and her nipple popped right out. Jack immediately
clamped his lips over it and started sucking
contentedly. Well, that was easy, she thought. The
skimpy bikini did have one advantage.

John put his things down and went to his bag, taking out
and swallowing a couple aspirins. Her nipple plopped
from Jack’s lips, the baby smacking his lips happily.
She fixed her top and they left the trailer.
Marisa looked at the picnic table and remembered
mounting and riding Flex’s huge black cock in that spot.
She looked over at his trailer. He’d taken her anal
cherry there last night and fucked her breasts, cumming
all over her face. She hurried on to the trail, but soon
passed the place where she and Flex had ducked of where
she’d first seen his cock. She hadn’t meant to do
anything more than jerk him off. She hadn’t meant to
fuck him. His cock had just sort of slipped in her. It
must have been her hormone induced horniness combined
with the lack of attention from her husband. She briefly
felt guilty thinking about John and then she remembered
the orgasms.

“Here they are,” yelled Grant when they appeared on the
trail. “Glad you could make it.” He started clapping.

“Happy anniversary,” said Candace running over to Marisa
and hugging her. Flex whistled at the sight of the two
bikini clad beauties embracing. “What’s this?” asked
Candace as Marisa stepped back and held up the pendant.
“It’s lovely.”

“It sure is,” said Flex, looking over Candace’s
shoulder, but he wasn’t staring at the necklace. He was
staring at her breasts.

The outline of her nipples were already visible, but
much to Marisa’s shame, the black man’s gaze had them
hardening and popping out to full erection. Her thighs
quickly turned damp too. God, the man had some kind of
magic power over her. She was standing by her husband,
on her anniversary, holding her baby, with a beautiful
gift around her neck and she wished she were naked and
alone with Flex so that they could fuck again.

“I got some sandwiches,” said Grant. “Let’s do lunch.”

The five of them sat around in the sand and ate. Jack
crawled around a little. Marisa and Candace waded out
into the water and Marisa lowered Jack into the water,
lifting him and lowering him again, much to his delight.
Grant had some fishing rods with him and the three men
cast their lines out, hoping for a bite. Fishing wasn’t
too great and after an hour or so, Grant suggested they
go snorkeling again.