“John,” said Marisa, “The sun’s awfully hot. I’m going
to take Jack back to the trailer and get both me and him
out of it.”

“Probably a good idea,” replied her husband. “I won’t
stay out there too long.”

“Nonsense, take as long as you want. We’ll be fine.”
Marisa kissed her husband and John reached down and
tickled Jack who made a delighted cooing sound. She
grabbed the diaper bag and made her way to the beach

“Wait up Isa,” called Flex. “I’ll walk with ya.” He
turned to John. “I gotta take a dump. Might take the
bike out for a spin afterwards if I don’t come back.”

“Getting antsy,” said Grant.

“What do ya mean?” asked the big black man.

“You need some pussy,” whispered Grant so that Candace
wouldn’t hear and disapprove of his crassness.

“Man, I always need some pussy. If you two ladies were
real men, you’d need pussy all the time too.” He turned
and jogged over to Marisa.

Grant watched the giant black man catch up with John’s
wife. His eyes fell on Marisa’s ass as she walked along
the beach trail. “Dude, your wife is smoking hot.”

“Yeah bro. I got lucky unwrapping that package.”

“Don’t tell Candace I said that. She’d kill me. You know
how she likes being the center of attention. Still, I’d
pay money to see Candace with tits like Marisa’s.”

“G-man,” said John with a serious expression on his
face. “I can honestly say that they are magnificent.”

Marisa and Flex were halfway to their cabins. “Wanna
duck back behind the bushes?” asked Flex as they passed
their secret rendezvous spot.

“You’re insatiable,” said Marisa, nervously laughing.

“That’s all your fault, baby.” Flex wrapped one mighty
arm around her back. “Every time I look at you, my cock
starts growing. Look down.”

Marisa glanced down at his crotch and sure enough that
monster black cock of his was barely contained by his
swim trunks. She wanted to reach down into his trunks,
pull his cock out and then fall to her knees so that she
could suck him before guiding that big cock right where
it belonged, stuffing her white pussy. She broke her
gaze away instead staring at the baby in her arms.

The power the black man had over her was frightening.
She needed her son to ground her back into her mundane
reality. “Anyway, I can’t. We can’t do this anymore
Shane. It’s been amazing and you’re the best lover I
ever had, but I can’t risk my marriage or you cumming in
me again.”

“Aw, come on. You can swallow it, if you don’t want it
in your pussy.”

Marisa’s belly growled at the thought of swallowing his
cum again. Look girl, she thought, If you can’t resist
him, don’t be alone with him. “No Flex. It’s over, we
had our fun. I’m gonna feed Jack and then put him down
for a nap and maybe take a nap myself. Someone kept me
up last night.”